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How Do You Manage Your Confidence Successfully?

One of the most common forms of resistance when it comes to dressing better is the reaction that our loved ones may have.

When we make a few changes in our dress style, we inevitably get attention. Whether the judgments are negative or positive, it is difficult to override. You are bound to have comments, jokes, etc. There is a good chance that you will feel exposed, or even vulnerable.

Most of the people around us often feel more comfortable with what is not moving. However, no one in the world can give you as much joy as you even walk your own path. Even if it sometimes takes courage to have style.

Often, we do not dare to change for fear of the reaction of other people. Limiting risk for fear of disapproval or attracting attention is common. However, for your personal development and your dress style, this is a perspective that you can and should change.

How? 'Or' What? Nothing could be simpler: Don't overemphasise the opinions of anyone who cares about changing the way you dress. This includes your mother, your best friend, or your colleagues. If wearing short skirts, which gracefully flatter the length and smoothness of your legs makes the people around you uncomfortable, face this resistance with indifference and move on with confidence and good humour.

Accepting yourself is constant work

To get to where we want to go, we have to face the agonising moments when we feel judged. Yet most of the time, those who criticise our clothing choices feel threatened and insecure. Have compassion for them, but don't comfort them by limiting yourself in your choices.

Instead, ask yourself if you like your outfit of the day or your new hairstyle if that's the one that's judged. If so, then ignore the reviews and wear your outfit anyway or be proud of your new cut.

If the reviews continue anyway, ask yourself if you're still happy with your new look. If so, then continue to ignore the reflections and continue to sport your new look with poise and confidence.

If they continue and you have no way to justify their attitude towards you, seriously consider making new friends.

And… still, proudly wear this outfit or hairstyle without worrying about reviews any longer.

Don't be afraid of your new clothing choices, your new makeup or your new hairstyle. Remember that these style changes were surprising for you too and that it was ultimately because you liked them and/or made you feel beautiful, stylish, confident ... that you adopted them. You probably haven't left the hairdresser with this new hair colour without having to accept its amazing effect on your complexion, facial features, etc. You haven't walked out of your favourite fashion store without needing a little time to adapt to these new skinny jeans that are incredibly flattering to your figure. The same is probably true for the people around you. After the criticisms, they will get used to this new look and will continue to love you for your personality and your qualities above all.

Some people may never understand your new look. Don't let go! Be proud despite everything. This will make it easier for you to walk away from negativity.

Before you know it, you will feel the real power of lasting change: it will be easier for those around you to be themselves and also to make some changes inspired by your courage and forward-thinking personality.


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