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How I Get Dressed in Less Than 5 Minutes Every Morning!

Today I'm talking about two of my favourite topics: clothing and organisation!


Since I was young, I have always enjoyed dressing and choosing my clothes. I love the fact that an outfit can give us confidence, self-confidence or make us feel beautiful. Clothing choices are a real form of expression!


People often ask me how I find my inspiration, how I choose my clothes and compose my looks if I spend a lot of time getting dressed in the morning? Below is how I do it:

Have a consistent wardrobe

For me, the key to enjoying your clothes and not wasting a lot of time getting dressed in the morning is to have a consistent wardrobe.


When I talk about a cohesive wardrobe, I'm talking about pieces that all go together, whether in terms of style or colour. Personally, the colours I like the most are black, beige, camel, navy blue, grey and red or burgundy. Good news, these colours work perfectly well with each other and that makes my life a lot easier when I compose my outfits because the possibilities of the association are multiple!


Having a consistent wardrobe makes life easier daily but also when travelling. When I pack my bags, a huge majority of the clothes I take with me blend perfectly together, so I don't have to pack too big a bag! I don't have to set up all of my travel outfits in advance because I know the pieces, I'm taking work together. I can mix my pieces and mix & match on the spot without worry, which I love!

Learn to define your style

To have a coherent wardrobe, it is essential to succeed in defining your style and that I know it’s not something easy!

For me, the important thing has always been to wear clothes that I feel good in, that looks like me and that reflect my personality.

Be adaptable

I try as much as possible to avoid buying pieces that I cannot easily compose with multiple outfits (at least 3). When I buy a sweater, a skirt or a blouse I always try to think about several ways of wearing it and several outfits, I always make sure to buy pieces in tones that blend.

Focus on favourite pieces

Buy only favourite pieces! This has been my credo for years! Whether online or in-store, I only buy pieces that I instantly like and want to buy without any hesitation. “When we hesitate, we don't take it! "Is my motto" A good purchase is a purchase that you want to wear the next day!

Get organized and take the time to choose your outfits

I usually choose my outfits the night before because I like the idea of ​​dressing quickly in the morning! Sometimes I even plan all my outfits for the week to come on Sunday evening, I love taking the time to do that at the end of the weekend and I save a lot of time in the mornings of the following week.

Don't get too attached!

There’s nothing worse than having a closet filled to the brim but half of the outfits we don't like and don't inspire us anymore! Sorting is life! Better to have a closet that is less full but only with items that you want to wear rather than a closet that is overflowing with things that come out through your eyes.

The hardest part is parting with pieces that you love but no longer wear. This sometimes happens: either they are pieces that we loved to wear but that we no longer put on or they are pieces that we bought saying to ourselves "I would find an opportunity to wear it" and which have finally remained in the closet ever since. Either way, no qualms! My rule is to part with anything I haven't worn for more than 3 months (except for seasonal pieces) because I am convinced that when you adore a piece you wear it very often!

"Don't be into trends. Don't make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way to live." —Gianni Versace


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