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How to Accessorise a Simple Outfit to Give It More Energy?

Accessorising an outfit with jewellery, a pretty belt or a beautiful scarf can enhance any look, even the most basic. Here is a quick guide to the accessories you can play with to get that extra touch of style!

Have you ever seen someone walking down the street and said: "Wow, what a style!" "while looking at it, her outfit consisting of a few rather basic pieces? But then, how does she get this little extra thing? To make a difference, just one word: accessorise!


Bet on accessories!

Do you find your look too ordinary and want to add a little flavour? Here are some great accessory ideas for reinventing your basic outfits and tips for adopting them.


When we think of “accessories”, we think of jewellery: they brighten up any outfit and those that are worn close to the face highlight our features. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings… there is no shortage of choices. The real question is: how to wear them? Here are some helpful tips:

Don't overdo it: as the saying goes, less is more. Stay subtle and avoid overly imposing jewellery, which tends to weigh down your outfit or "suffocate" your face. If you want to wear an extravagant necklace, then combine it with discreet earrings and/or a thin and delicate bracelet. And if you want to wear a lot of accessories, make sure they are not too conspicuous. Superpose the necklaces: if the important necklaces were imposed for a long time, the trend today is more to the superposition of fine chains and necklaces.

The Gold and Silver Match

Do you think you have to choose your side between that of gold jewellery and that of silver accessories? Well think again, it is entirely possible to combine gold and silver.

Choose accessories that highlight you: play with sizes and lengths to highlight your assets. For example, a delicate, long-chain will draw attention to your chest, while a choker necklace will brighten the face more. The same goes for earrings, a pair that suits one will not go particularly well with the other.


Belts: Star of the Season

The belt is becoming this season's essential accessory to transform a simple outfit into something more elegant and modern. The latter no longer has the sole function of tightening pants that are too large. It is now an integral part of your look. Also, wearing a belt at the waist allows you to refine your figure without making any effort.



The handbag is an essential accessory to perfect a look… provided you choose it well! Here are a few tips:

The handbag is the perfect accessory to boost an outfit in basic colours. If you’re wearing neutral coloured clothing, opt for a colourful bag to brighten up your look.


Scarf and Gloves

Not only do they protect you from the cold, but they also allow you to play with materials and colours to reinvent your winter look. During the coldest months, nothing like wrapping yourself up in a big, warm scarf.

But there are so many models that it is sometimes difficult to make a choice.

Gloves can also add a little extra to your seasonal outfits: opt for a pretty material or a colour that recalls details of your outfit. Your look will instantly have more prep!



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