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How to Adopt the Leopard Print and What to Match It with This Season?

Truly timeless, the leopard print upgrades each of your looks this season. Discover how to wear and associate this animal pattern in small touches or a total look.

The leopard print is a must-have every season. Worn for decades, it marked the first Christian Dior show in 1947. Then, over the years, the print inspired many designers like Roberto Cavalli and Gianni Versace, and both have made it their trademark. Today is back, and we challenge you to find a fashion house that doesn't offer any piece with a leopard pattern.

What are the trendiest leopard-patterned pieces of the season?

This season, one of the trendiest leopard-patterned pieces is the long skirt. A flowy, midi-length leopard print skirt effortlessly combines boldness with elegance, making it a versatile staple for various occasions. Pair it with a simple white t-shirt or a black turtleneck, ensuring the top is tucked in to highlight your waistline. A wide belt can further accentuate your figure and provide a chic touch. For footwear, ankle boots work well for a polished look, while strappy sandals add a more relaxed, warm-weather vibe. Layering with a denim jacket or a lightweight cardigan can offer additional style and comfort, making the leopard-print long skirt a must-have for a fashionable season wardrobe.

What colours match the leopard pattern well this season?

For your season looks, we strongly recommend mixing the leopard pattern with pop colours: the pastel colours, red and electric blue, go very well with this print this season. Purple, fuchsia, and silver are also ideal for breaking the "bourgeois" side. On the other hand, we avoid black, beige, and brown, which have a too wintery side and do not provide enough contrast. You can place the leopard pattern in small touches on your colourful silhouette and upgrade your total animal look with accessories such as a headband or baguette bag in flashy tones. The possibilities are endless.

What accessories should you wear to complete your outfit?

Completing your leopard print outfit this season with the right accessories is essential for achieving a balanced and polished look. Start with a statement belt, which can define your waist and add a sophisticated touch, especially with a leopard-print skirt or dress. Neutral-coloured bags, such as black or beige, keep the focus on the bold print while maintaining a cohesive ensemble. For jewellery, gold pieces, like hoop earrings or layered necklaces, can enhance the outfit without overwhelming it. Shoes should also complement rather than compete with the leopard print; think classic black heels for an elegant look or white trainers for a casual, trendy vibe.


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