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How to Be Well Dressed When ... You Are on a Budget

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

Being well dressed without spending too much, impossible equation? Obviously, there is a link between the price and the quality of certain clothes. To say that you can find top-quality sweaters or pants for less than £10 would be a lie. However, it is possible to be well dressed, with a chic look, and while controlling your budget.

Choose “basics” and durable clothing

Any self-respecting wardrobe is made up of “basics”. We call the "basic" parts that are fairly neutral, and that you will use most frequently. It is about pants, t-shirts and blouses, sweaters and jackets.

Create a wardrobe with several of these basics, in fairly classic colours. White, grey, black, but also a little colour like navy blue or shades of pink / red (see our selection of tops and pants with a wide choice of colours). On these models, choose sobriety. No drawings or prints. Patterns and logos are not necessary as they will increase the price. Here, we try to spend less.

As a supplement, buy basics but consider the price in another way. Yes, you can, with the previous advice, compose a complete basket for less than £100 However, don't expect to keep your tops and pants on for more than 3 or 4 seasons. This is why you should also buy certain better-quality clothing when you can, which will last longer.

Don't limit yourself to the price on the label. A £20 blouse that you throw away after two years will ultimately be less profitable than a £50 blouse that you keep for more than 5 years! Learn how to spend your money wisely to choose sustainable clothes.

Make a good selection of clothes and accessories

Dressing well on a tight budget means paying attention to the price ... but also paying attention to style! You understand you have to watch your expenses, but also select quality clothes so as not to have to go through the checkout too often.

Choose comfortable clothes, that you like to wear, that you will not leave in the closet out of discomfort.

Go for clothes that you can wear every day. Rather than buying a very expensive evening dress, a little black dress that fits will be ideal for a restaurant dinner or an evening with friends. In the ready-to-wear selection, you will find ideal outfits to go to work while being elegant.

Follow fashion, but not too much. Fall for trendy outfits, but which will still be fully adapted in several years. Tops or pants that are too "fashion" may be quickly outdated.

Choose solid materials, cotton pants, a leather jacket, synthetic fibre sportswear. Each use has its favourite material.

Take good care of your clothes. In order not to spend too much, think about aftercare purchase. To keep your clothes longer, pamper them during the wash.

Last advice think about the accessories. If you want to sport a chic and elegant look, accessorising your outfit will bring you a new stature. And no need to spend a fortune! A few pounds are enough to find very beautiful bracelets or necklaces.

“I love shopping on a budget. I believe that more fashion mistakes are made by people with deep pockets than by those who shop on a budget.” – Tim Gunn


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