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How to Change Your Style: Tips and Good Ideas

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

Let's be honest, it's been a while since fashion had strict rules on us. In our time, there is something for everyone. Could this be due to the economic crisis? Or maybe we are more cautious about offering ourselves sustainable products, care, or travel? Or quite simply, because no one wants to completely renew their wardrobe every six months, let alone people who decide to follow fashion at the last minute! There are probably many reasons for this, even though, deep within us, a little voice is screaming at us that the time has come for a little change. Truth be told, it doesn't take much to change your style.

Let's start with the basics!

1. Everyone has a black coat!

2. For those who have intelligently decided to keep the mythical camel cape, well done since it has undoubtedly become a must of this season again.

3. Each wardrobe contains a little black dress! With those essentials close at hand, just add a little touch of leopard print.

Use prints to change your wardrobe

Likewise, reptile and zebra prints can add a cool touch to the ensemble. Then, if this is just a print, and no harm has been done to the animals, why not give it a try? (At least that's just my opinion!) Without a doubt, more elaborate and striking, these are decidedly hip and perfect for a change of style.

Accessories to perfect your style

Any other ideas? A small handbag or clutch. There's nothing like a beautiful necklace to liven up an outfit! For example, sequins, colourful, jewellery, fancy undoubtedly remain the most popular accessories. I love! They can be easily worn over a turtleneck and a pair of jeans, day or night! With necklaces, there's no risk of breaking the rules we've been taught from a young age ... even the old-fashioned idea of matching shoes to a handbag. Now that is ancient history!

The accessories can be totally mismatched but at the same time give the outfit that little touch that was missing. In addition, colours no longer must be perfectly matched! We must be bold; we must dare! You just must respect the few basic rules and show good taste. And for all those who think they don't know enough about it; these little steps will be of great help. Let's draw inspiration from magazines and shop windows, consult fashion blogs and spy on the stars.

The small military piece

In my humble opinion, they too will turn to a military piece revisited this winter. In that regard, what better way about this season than the classic parka. This garment symbolises an incalculable number of battles. This is an opportunity for us to turn the back of our wardrobes and put on this faithful parka by combining it with a pair of jeans.

In short, to change your style and bring our look up to date, all you need is a little touch of the 1970s, regardless of its authenticity, as long as it reflects the atmosphere of this beautiful era.


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