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How to Choose the Perfect Jeans for Your Body Type

We are all looking for the ideal pair of jeans. We can reveal how to choose the perfect pair in which you feel good. Flare, bootcut, and low or high-size models. The choice is ours.
At a time when the trend leads us through the tip of the nose, it is important to feel good in your clothes. Sometimes it is better to ignore the wise advice of the biggest names in fashion to choose pieces that look like us and in which we feel good. Although your style belongs to you, know that there are still guidelines allowing us to be guided on the cuts and materials most adapted to our morphologies.
Which jeans to refine the legs?
For those who want tapered thighs, the trick is to start on rigid, structured materials: Japanese or denim canvas is ideal, unlike soft materials. Dark colours are also a good option for this type of morphology. They make it possible to thin the leg. Another piece to prefer is long jeans, on the shape side, straight jeans, cigarettes or flare will be your allies. The flare has an increasingly wide cut from the thigh. At no time does the fabric tighten in flare jeans, The extra trick? Wear shoes the same colour as your jeans for an even more slender silhouette.
Which jeans to adopt for a push-up effect?
To fight against flat buttocks and highlight your femininity, turn to stretchy materials. Close-fitting jeans, marrying your thighs or even all your legs will make your buttocks stand out by contrast. The idea is to accompany the volume. All jeans that are equipped with a pinched fabric at the buttocks, it is very effective for this kind of silhouette. This will accentuate the forms.
For the materials, Choose stretch they will bring out the curve of your buttocks, unlike rigid materials.  This time, go instead on jeans with light colours that will hang the light and thus increase the volumes tenfold. Finally, the little extra thing is to play with additional pockets on the buttocks. 
Which jeans should I prefer to curve the belly?
We recommend choosing jeans in an intermediate size: that is, it is neither low-waisted jeans nor high-waisted jeans, it is placed in the middle. The low-waisted jeans will bring out the small bulges and the high-waisted model will promote the pregnant woman effect.  That's why the intermediate version is ideal. In addition, as a result, the belt will arrive right at the waist, which will provide a sheathed, not negligible look. Also, choose jeans with many buttons and a real belt because the more seams and buttons, the flatter your belly will look. Choose dark colours here, with a lighter touch at the top to flatten the belly by contrast. The fashion touch in addition? Wear an open jacket that will draw, graphically, two large vertical lines.
Which pants to choose to refine the silhouette?
Finally, for so-called small morphologies, we advise playing on structured, very raw, very sharp materials, such as denim and Japanese canvas. To lengthen your figure, prefer jeans with body-fitting cuts such as cigarette jeans, for example. The idea is not to go on a tight model.  The objective? Quickly locate the curves of the body, target the chest, waistline and thigh curves. The jeans will be slender and refine the silhouette in this way. In terms of length, we recommend choosing a fall at the heel. We also suggest opting for high-waisted jeans, giving the illusion of long legs. Finally, be sure to look at the stitching, i.e. these small visible seams that make it possible to underline the belt, the zip and the sides of the legs. They offer a nice fall.


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