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How to Dress Chic: Our Tips for Being Classy Every Day

Is it possible to be chic, without going overboard, and without spending a fortune on clothes from top brands? Obviously! "Chic" is above all an attitude, a choice of suitable clothing pieces, and not necessarily overpriced. What pieces should you have to have a chic walk-in wardrobe? What are the essentials of the chic and modern woman? Here is our list of fashion tips to look chic every day.

Choose essential pieces of the "chic" style

The "chic" style has its markers. These are pieces that can be called must-haves, instantly associated with glamour and elegance. For effortless distinction, choose a blazer or tuxedo jacket on top. This jacket will sublimate a pretty blouse. Tops that are too classic are not elegant at first glance, but certain cuts can bring a real touch of chic. This is particularly the case with the crossed neckline! For the bottom, go for a pencil skirt (this high-waisted model is sober and elegant) or even skinny pants with a close-fitting cut. Dark colours (black, shades grey, even chocolate) will be visually chicer.

Fall for original cuts and trendy materials

The height of elegance doesn't have to be standing out or choosing overly provocative outfits. On the contrary, chic and elegance are best combined with finesse and sobriety. So, limit your tendency to provocation by leaving animal motifs or too sexy cuts in the dressing room. No vulgarity, but femininity!

Play with volumes by combining, for example, a short skirt with loose pieces at the top of the body. Conversely, if you have a pretty cleavage, cover your legs to reveal only part of your body. It takes mastery!

Dare the original cuts and clothes with many details

Fall for materials that do not wrinkle, and for durable clothes, which will remain comfortable over time. The cotton-polyester combination will be perfect.

Finally, the last tip to be chic every day, take care of your look in detail with the right accessories! A small handbag with a nice finish, intricate bracelets or eye-catching earrings will give you style. Do not wear a lot of jewellery and accessories at the same time. Dare to catch the eye and impose your chic.


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