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How to Dress Classy This Autumn

So, it's done, summer is behind us, and yes since we will soon be shifting into autumn. Colourful Fashion Week is over. The return to school is off to a good start. To accompany you in this new season, and before winter, we bring you advice on how to dress well in the autumn version. Let's go.

Autumn, a season conducive to mixing textures

Mercury will inevitably follow a downward trend. Yes, the bottom of the air will get cooler, and for that, no choice, you must dress warmer. A boon! Autumn is in this sense an excellent season to dare to play with overlays and to mix things up. The shirt you use for work can be embellished with a small cardigan or even a low-cut sweater. The idea is to be both chic and "comfortable" in your clothes. For a touch of personality, and to stand out as the sky turns greyer, go for the colour, as with this yellow knitted sweater.

Since the weather does not give us a choice, and we must cover-up, we might as well do it in style! It isn't freezing temperatures yet, so covering your arms to go to the office will sometimes suffice. What's better than a jacket? Well cut, it will cover your arms, and will be ideal for refining the silhouette and structuring your line. The models of jackets without buttons will be perfect for playing this transition to winter without looking too covered.

Autumn trends to be chic

Some colours are more suitable for autumn than others. So put aside the classic clothes of the black, grey/white triptych. For autumn, the clothes that will keep you on-trend, without missteps, will be colourful such as lilac, green, and pink.

What clothes to choose with these colours? At the bottom, bet on midi skirts (mid-length). It’s the cut of the moment suitable for this season, which hides the knees from this cool breeze, without giving a too retro look. Yes, the inspiration 60s tune is there, but in style. If you are looking for advice on how to choose your skirts, look at our collection of high waist skirts, an ideal cut for all silhouettes. Let's go back to our autumn trends. At the top, wear cosy, elegant and chic knitwear. They will complete your entire outfit, bringing it casual or chic, depending on the model. The pink long-sleeved sweatshirt will be an excellent companion to your favourite skinny jeans or tapered pants.

Have a good start to autumn!

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