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How to Dress for a Family New Year's Eve?

Out of inspiration to find the perfect outfit for a New Year’s Eve meal with your family? Dress or pants, sequins, or velvet? It's hard to find the right compromise to be trendy without doing too much.

Once the question of Christmas gifts is resolved, a last one comes back every year as this event approaches: what outfit to wear to be chic during the festivities with your family without turning into a faceted ball? Christmas is often a friendly time that you spend with your loved ones and finding the right outfit is not always easy. A few days away from this delicious annual food marathon, fashionistas dig their brains to find THE perfect outfit as trendy as it is comfortable. Whether you bet on a sequin t-shirt, velvet pants or a little black dress that will hit the mark for sure, there is something for everyone this season. It has never been easier to find a comfortable look for parties without giving up style!

When you wake up with your family, you often find yourself in front of your wardrobe, torn between wearing our pretty sequined dress that throws away or the classic model that we put on every year because it's a safe bet. We know, to be pretty you first must be comfortable in your look. Either we assume 100% of the Christmas look by wearing kitsch sweaters, or we opt for a more pointed outfit that highlights the silhouette. The whole thing is to find the chic and comfortable dress that will become our new fetish Christmas outfit! At the end of the year, to be trendy, we are betting on asymmetrical models. In addition to sublimating the wearing of the head, this elegant cut is also comfortable! For lovers of glamorous looks without doing too much, we turn to a very chic sweater dress with a pretty neckline. To embody the holiday spirit with style, satin and sequins will obviously be a party but we don't forget the pleated models still in vogue this winter. On the colour side, the traditional black, silver, and red will certainly give a stylish look. But innovation is just as trendy, so let's invest in a chic white, orange, or purple dress, which is the flagship colour of this autumn-winter 2022-2023!

For all those who want to change the traditional dress, there is a multitude of trendy alternatives to be chic for a meal with your family! Betting on the it-pieces that have marked the fashion sphere this season is a safe bet not to be overlooked. Wearing a colourful jacquard trouser suit, or a tweed skirt are equally elegant options. Because retro is chic, we will wear velvet pants without moderation during the holiday season. Combined with a sequin t-shirt or a printed blouse, there is little chance of being wrong. To shine all evening, you can also opt for lurex material with a small touch on high-waisted shorts or, for the most daring, in a glamorous suit. To perfect the look, we gain height with delicate pumps or a pair of trendy boots. Here's something to compose a chic outfit for parties with your family!


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