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How to Dress in Sportswear Effortlessly

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Sneakers and jogging pants are now among the pieces considered avant-garde. However, the recipe for a sporty look can be hard to achieve, especially if you are more the type of girl who prefers dresses. Are you looking for inspiration to wear a sporty outfit effortlessly?

Compose your outfit around a hoodie or jacket

Striving to look sporty doesn't necessarily mean you have to wear sneakers, sweatpants, and a T-shirt like you're going to a fitness class. Rather than going for a regular gym outfit, try incorporating some sportswear into your outfits. Choose a jacket or hoodie to enhance your look. Very trendy today, the bomber jacket is a perfect piece to bring modernity to your printed dresses or, in general, to make your outfit more casual. You can opt for a chic bomber jacket that makes your black jeans lighter and that you can wear with sneakers that look a bit masculine. This style of outfit is also great for feeling confident.

Go for a T-shirt dress

Perfect for a relaxed weekend, the T-shirt dress can give your outfit a real sporty casual-chic side. This dress is ideal for keeping a casual and feminine look while adopting the look of a tennis pro. For a sporty vibe, wear it with a pair of white sandals or Birkenstock and a tote bag. If there's nothing inconsistent or quirky about wearing sneakers with your tee-shirt dress, you can also opt for classic shoes like sandals with lace-up ankles. Of course, for perfect consistency with the rest of your outfit, you will choose your shoes in the same shade as your dress.

Choose a sporty, chic and warm sweater

Whether you're heading to your office or enjoying an occasional stroll around town, a sports sweater can make your style look much cooler effortlessly. For a casual and chic look, wear it with jeans and classic shoes to rebalance the sporty and chic look of your outfit. Are you looking for tips to perfect your style? opt for a sweater and a pleated skirt that you can wear with a baseball cap and a pair of blue shoes that will instantly enhance your style.

Bet on jogging pants or a short skirt

Jogging pants will be ideal if you plan to go to the gym or for a sporty walk. A short skirt or a skirt with pleats will give a tennis inspiration to your outfit. However, you can still wear them to do your shopping during the day by dressing up the chic. Go for a modern skirt, with architectural-inspired pleats, which will pair beautifully with a chiffon blouse and pretty boots. Dressing up chic jogging pants with a top and metallic ballerina pumps can also add a glamorous touch to your sporty outfit.

Add a little casualness to your outfit

Sneakers, backpacks and baseball caps make great accessories to complete your athletic outfit. Aside from their trendy look, these accessories are also functional and keep you comfortable all day long. With these fashion tips, you can now effortlessly sport a sporty outfit while remaining true to your style.


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