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How to Dress in Winter Without Being Too Hot or Too Cold?

The difficulty when temperatures drop is to find the right outfit. Neither too hot nor too cold. Because if it freezes outside, in the office and on public transport, it's a heatwave. How to dress in winter without being too hot or too cold? This is the thorny problem we are grappling with. Here is the answer:

We have to be honest: from one season to another, we don't always know how to adapt in terms of look. As a result, when the cold season comes, we no longer know how to dress to be neither too hot nor too cold.

And between us, unless we are a gardener, we spend more time indoors than outside.

The main idea when you dress for winter, you to choose the right fashion pieces and make the right combinations.

So, how do you find the perfect outfit to dress in autumn and winter? What should you choose to follow the autumn/winter fashion trends without being too hot or too cold?

We explain everything you need to know about winter looks.

The real fashion trick when the temperatures drop is to master the art of sartorial layering. In short: superimpose the layers while remaining trendy and chic.

We love the cardigan, which becomes our privileged partner all winter long. It warms up our little winter dresses and can be combined with shirts and blouses without being essential to its look.

Choosing the right fashion piece to dress in winter.

In winter, sometimes it is enough to choose the right outfit that will keep us comfortable.

The light down jacket.

Under a light coat in the autumn or a warm one in the winter, the light puffer jacket is thin enough to snuggle in without being overwhelming.

Thick tights.

With a short skirt or a winter dress, wool tights can save lives. The same goes for the mesh leggings.

Sleeveless faux fur.

Like the sleeveless puffer jacket, while sleeveless faux fur is not popular, it can still be a great comfort in winter. Worn over a perfecto, a large sweater or a thin coat, it has its effect.

The right combinations for dressing in winter.

And then, being neither too hot nor too cold in winter also means making the right associations. You have to find the right balance without making a fashion faux pas.

For example, if you decide to wear a large sweater without a coat, you must associate it with a warm scarf.

For a short dress without tights, we balance with a parka and thigh-high boots. With a midi skirt, we adopt tights, big socks or lined boots for the shoes. As for the sweater, we opt for a turtleneck sweater or an oversized cardigan.

To not overdo it, wear your winter dress with tights and a pretty blazer. And finally, with a turtleneck, we play it soft and add only a small thin coat.


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