How to Dress to Avoid the Blow of Winter Blues?

It's no secret that winter and its lack of sunshine are bad for our morale and makes us feel the winter blues. Well, I do not fall into the blues and here is my clothing advice for lively, positive wintertime!

Dare the patterns!

To break the codes of winter and cold colours, take the total opposite! Wear patterns. After all, who said that patterns mean off-limits in the colder months? So, from pants to jacket, blouses or even jumpsuits, try it! A pastel print, soft, romantic and perfectly seasonal, will be perfect for your family moments. White pants with a bold pattern print will modernise your outfit and help you step out of the usual too sad colours.

Wear a primary colour

Magenta (red), cyan (blue) and yellow are the three primary colours whilst using subtractive synthesis. With additive synthesis (superposition of rays of light), the three primary colours are red, green and blue. It doesn't matter. Remember that in winter, you have to dare these colours.

Red: red enhances an outfit. With a piece of clothing, but sometimes just a little touch, as with a line of lipstick.