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How to Dress to Celebrate Christmas With the Family

This year it's decided, we shine at the family dinner! For your Christmas 2020 outfit, we offer the most elegant pieces. An evening full of sweetness and glitter in perspective.

Are you planning to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with your loved ones? The holiday season is traditionally a good time to get together with the family. Whether it's a big meal, a small get together at home, or a blended family Christmas Eve, you need the right outfit.

If Christmas evening is generally about spoiling loved ones with well-chosen gifts, it's also the time to treat yourself! To shine in family photos, we prepare a Christmas outfit that combines chic and festive spirit. How to find the perfect balance? By opting for a stylish combination of dark velvet or a black dress with gold shiny spots and accessories with character. On the jewellery side, we opt for a golden watch, a glamorous pendant or a cuff bracelet. For the bag, it's time to dare colour. A red evening bag will make the difference even with an extremely elegant black dress! To finish off your Christmas look, we do not neglect the choice of shoes. Glamorous knee-high boots or preppy ankle boots, there are many possibilities available to you to be on top from head ... to toe! Still hesitating about your total Christmas look. Here are a few pieces that will bring style around the tree.

I don't know about you, but I've always loved playing the party outfit card full! Sequins, velvet, gold, red, tartan, tulle ... I never run out of ideas to find my Christmas outfit and it's even rather difficult to choose each year.

A pretty dress to shine on Christmas Eve.

No matter what your traditions are around Christmas time, it's always nice to choose an outfit that helps you feel beautiful and “different” for that particular day. If you are used to staying at home and enjoying the festivities by the fire, then choose a comfortable outfit for Christmas Day. A fairly loose top with pretty black pants for example.

Well-dressed at Christmas with chic and comfort.

The Christmas and New Year celebrations are perfect for recharging your batteries, taking a break before starting a new year. So, you must do everything to relax as much as possible. This is why we advise you to choose outfits that combine chic and elegance with a good dose of comfort. This doesn't mean you should wear clothes one size larger than your measurements! You just have to make the right choices.

With a Christmas dinner that tends to last several hours, it is important to have a "stretchy" and comfortable outfit. After seafood, foie gras and turkey, you'll be very happy if your dress is loose enough and gives you freedom of movement like this black midi satin dress. You can wear a classic dress and a belt at the waist, which you will release slightly during dessert.

The Christmas evening will continue with a few dance steps? Perfect! The pretty blouse that gives you a neat and very dressed look during the meal becomes the ideal companion to move to the rhythm of the music. Try, for example, this lightweight smocked blouse in houndstooth print with gold lines.

The last idea to energize your Christmas party in terms of dress, impose a dress code! After all, to make sure everyone is playing along, you can encourage other family members to wear a colour or style.


From all at Karen Marie’s Boutique, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for 2021!



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