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How to Find the Ideal Neckline?

Small, big, firm, mature, round or pear-shaped… There are as many breasts as there are women on earth. And all of them were one day confronted with the question: which neckline to wear according to my morphology? While the chest is the most visible symbol of femininity in the collective mind, we still struggle to master this asset. The reason? Women want to feel attractive in their sneakers without slipping into vulgarity.

The V-neckline

More or less deep, the V-neckline is one of the most classic in the repertoire. Its pointed shape subtly reveals the skin by disclosing it in its centre. The more plunging the neckline, the more it obviously divulges. Its day-to-day version is ideal for small to medium breasts. Wrap dress or just push up, one watchword: firmness. Because the triangular cut tends to show sagging in the chest, even if it does not go too low.

The square neckline

The square neckline is characterised by a straight cut on the chest and two square sleeves or straps. If small breasts can afford it, it is on the generous forms that it works the most miracles. Indeed, its enveloping shape has several advantages: it hides the areas where flaws could appear, maintains the chest and gives it a beautiful, rounded shape. Prefer thick and quality materials that support the breasts and enhance them.

The bustier

The bustier is meant for small breasts. On the contrary, if you are curvy, the bustier will hold in place much better than with a flattering silhouette. Our tip for those who don't have spectacular firmness: invest in a quality strapless bra.

The cowl neckline

Notice to those who are complex about their small breasts! The cowl neckline with its clever pleated neckline is ideal for giving an illusion of volume to the front. Often made from a flexible material, we prefer to wear it without a bra for more lightness. This optical-effect trick can also be applied with ruffled or feathered necklines.

“People will stare. Make it worth their while.” – Harry Winston


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