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How to Look Good in A Wool Skirt At 50 Plus (without being a mother)

As comfortable as it is stylish, this piece is a great success this autumn. Preferably long and close to the body, the wool skirt should make emulated, provided you wear it well.

Comfortable clothes have been popular since confinement and the transition to WFH. After the knit dresses and pants, here is the skirt! With its midi length, even ankle, and its cosy material, it is unanimous. But how to wear it in style this season without being a mother? Answers.

Choose the right materials and colours

The wool skirt can be composed of several materials. opt for a ribbed mesh, for example, made of twisted wool, or plain cashmere, it's up to you to see according to your style and budget. But whatever the material you choose, bet on something warm and soft that will give you very appreciable comfort when temperatures drop. On the colour side, the warm and classic shades of winter, such as trendy brown, grey, beige, or black, are safe options. More daring, shades like red or orange are there to vitaminize our mood. Small stylish details can also slip buttoning along the skirt, fringes, or animal prints.

How to wear a knit skirt?

After 50 years, we rush to the look consisting of an oversized sweater in the same tones as we slip into the skirt. What is important is to respect the proportions, so we give volume at the top of the body since the bottom is very adjusted. Another possibility: a white or denim shirt will modernize your look. In order not to be a mother, you should not combine this piece with opaque tights or stiletto heels... The right solution? A pair of wool or fancy tights with sneakers or bare legs with boots or thigh boots that will slip under the skirt.

Look ideas

opt for an easy-to-wear outfit daily, with a grey blazer, a turtleneck sweater, and a cream wool skirt. Add a pair of thin-heeled mid-calf boots to perfect this look. Another option: a wool skirt in orange/ochre tones, accompanied by cream-coloured boots and a brown XXL coat. Perfect for going to the office. For a weekend outing, be stylish with an oversized sweater on your skirt. Add a pair of high-top sneakers very popular right now! Also think of the short down jacket, which goes perfectly with the long mesh skirt. In the evening, finally, proudly wear this skirt with a silky shirt, thin-heeled boots and a cashmere cape belted in the tones of the skirt. You will be perfect!


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