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How To Look Stylish in Check Print?

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

We like them big, thin, rather red, and black for very 1990s looks.

With winter, we have an irrepressible urge to curl up in warm materials, colours and prints that make us want fresh air and a fireplace. And that's good because this winter, "Cabin core" fashion is trendier than ever. Among other things, quilted jackets, coats, overshirts and warm wool sweaters, the check print is also one of the key trends.

Brands and designers felt the wind coming, and all brought out the armada of checks. Winner in all categories? The nineties tile can be recognised by its rather minimalist look and its classic colours – black, grey and red.

All our fashion tips for adopting the plaid print with flair

This winter, there are only fringed shawls, plaids, and lumberjack jackets with an oversized or cropped cut. Worn with jeans, topped with platform shoes like chunky boots or creepers, it's the assurance of a total grunge look from the Nirvana era! A very junior silhouette, reserved for weekends or concert evenings.

During the day, we rush on the English tile by choosing a kilt or a pleated skirt with tartan prints for a 100% feminine silhouette. For those who prefer chinos, we are content with a jacquard sweater or a discreet navy-coloured check top. And for an even more preppy look, we cover everything with a trench coat, and voila!

The third option, the sporty check found printed on sneakers and jackets and mixed with a cap and bowling bag to play the game to the fullest.

Basically, the only check to avoid in the middle of winter is Vichy. As with stripes, the check can easily pack the silhouette. So rather than fall for the big trendy piece, we multiply the accessories with messenger bags, scarves, and shoes - and why not also socks - 100% checks.


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