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How to Make Your Little Black Dress More Stylish in Spring

Spring invites us to wear bright colours and floral prints. However, we do not necessarily want to abandon our favourite little black dress. Don't be discouraged from doing it and go for this timeless piece. The little black dress has been around for ages and will never leave you behind. It's an indisputable fact that the little black dress helps us feel classy and sophisticated, beautiful and glamorous, and, above all, confident. Its mysterious hue can confuse you when the first beautiful days return but rest assured, there are many tips to add colour to your black dress. Don't hesitate to wear it this season. Wear it boldly and proudly by following the advice we offer you today.

Here's how to brighten up your little black dress for spring.


Wear it with a shiny belt

Belts are not only useful for marking your height. They also offer the opportunity to add some colour to an overly monochrome appearance. Trust the colour and direct eye gazes to the thinnest part of your waist by adding a bright, colourful, and daring belt that will turn heads. Your little black dress deserves it!

Add colourful earrings

Nothing says you have to stick to one colour when wearing a little black dress in spring. While the total black look might be as elegant as it is timeless, you make the rules. That means you can wear the most colourful earrings. It might not be your habit, but it will brighten up your day. Wear them with pride, and everyone will notice your newly gained confidence.

Go for a daring bag

If you want to wear your black dress this spring, don't forget to pair it with a pretty handbag. We all need to keep our valuables and essentials close to us. Why not take the opportunity to accessorise your black dress with a daring and bright bag? This way, you will be sure to add some colour to your outfit. You don't have to have the latest "It bag" right now a little colour, style and originality will do just fine.

Shoes are definite assets

To spruce up your outfit with a little colour, add a pair of shiny sexy heels to your black dress. Heels not only give us a great workout for our calves but also make our legs look slimmer. Heels also have the advantage of giving us a bit of height, which is especially good if you are among the shorter women.

Choose a colourful scarf

Although spring is all about sunny days, some can be cooler than others. Why not protect your neck from the cold by teaming your little black dress with a pretty patterned, colourful scarf to give your outfit a little life? If you want to stay timeless, wrap a scarf around your neck and go for lipstick in a trendy shade. It's a smart choice that always works, regardless of your figure.

Opt for a pair of sneakers

Nothing says you have to be classy and sophisticated when wearing a little black dress. And nothing prevents you from opting for a nice pair of sneakers. If that appeals to you, don't hesitate, do whatever you want and follow your instincts. There are no rules for accessorising your little black dress this spring.

Wear it with a pretty jacket

On windy or rainy days, opt for a colourful and daring jacket to accompany your black dress. Add some hints of colour to make your spring look original and more fun. This will allow you to feel a little warmth while illuminating your eyes. So, don't be afraid to stand out a bit.

Remember that spring is synonymous with growth. For a few weeks, it offers beautiful changes. And, since nature awakens, your look can follow this. Your favourite black dress can be renewed by choosing some of the tips we offer. Fear not, the black dress is renowned for being as timeless as it is versatile, and you can wear it whenever the mood strikes.

“One is never overdressed or underdressed with a little black dress.” – Karl Lagerfeld


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