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How To Properly Wear the Denim Jacket? Looks Tips and Ideas

Sleeveless or belted, in raw or washed denim, coloured or printed... Discover the hot new items to adopt for casual and effortless looks at the top, and our advice for choosing the right model for you.

In spring, we say goodbye to our winter coats and hello to our beloved jackets and blazers. This season again, we can't ignore the essential denim jacket! If we love this wardrobe basic so much, it's because, in addition to being practical and stylish, it adapts to all styles and finishes any look in a snap: sportier to the chicest! This season, this wardrobe classic is back in cuts, and colours, but also prints that are surfing on the latest spring-summer 2022 fashion trends. And it's hot! All our advice for choosing the right women's denim jacket and wearing it in style.

Denim jacket: what trends to adopt this spring-summer 2022?

If there's one model we can't ignore this year, it's the sleeveless denim jacket! Fitted or oversized, in raw or faded denim, shouldered or cut with raw edges, it is available endlessly and sublimates almost all morphologies.

Other very fashionable cuts: the denim jacket belted at the waist (perfect to sublimate the morphology in 8), the cropped models without forgetting the oversized jackets. The shoulder pads will also be out!

On the colour side, if the faded denim overshadows the essential raw denim jacket, we especially see the emergence of colours that smell good of summer. White or pastel yellow for luminous and powdery looks, fuchsia pink or even frog green for peppy and shimmering silhouettes.

And because seventies fashion continues to blow on our wardrobe, denim jackets also feature floral and tie-dye prints.

Finally, it's up to you to see if you're more of a fan of buttoned or zipped models.

How to dress in a denim jacket?

Nothing could be simpler than adopting the denim jacket! In addition to matching with all the other pieces of our dressing room, it goes with all styles. If it mixes perfectly with jogging and trendy sneakers for a sporty look, it also twists with canon jeans like a flare or jewelled model for a 100% casual and very nineties look. Do you want a chicer and more glam look? It's possible! Choose a more elegant model like a belted denim jacket for example. You can also pair it with a pleated skirt, a trendy long dress, and heeled sandals for a more sophisticated look. One thing is certain, the denim jacket has not said its last word! In a nutshell: have fun with this basic! Be careful though to choose a cut that flatters your morpho!

Which denim jacket for which morphology?

Do you have some roundness in your arms? Forget sleeveless denim jackets. Ditto if you have developed shoulders.

If you have a belly and hips, prefer an oversized model that will cover your few curves. On the other hand, if you are small and round, opt for a straight and well-cut model to avoid weighing down the silhouette.

The very trendy cropped models will be perfect for the thinnest and most slender.
All those who have a marked waist can turn to belted denim jackets.


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