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How to Wear a Pleated Skirt After 50?

A bit classic but far from being out of date, the pleated skirt is more fashionable than ever. How to wear it after 50 years to always be modern?

The pleated skirt, for whom?

Say goodbye to old-fashioned or overly wise looks. The pleated skirt is on the rise and comes in an infinite number of ways to enhance your figure. The great thing about it is that it adapts to all body types. If you are skinny, it will make you grow. If you have any small complexes on the hips or thighs, it will make you feel more comfortable.

Regarding its length, we forget the "preppy" look. We, therefore, ban the pleated miniskirt after 50 years. Opt instead for the midi model, at the knees, or even mid-calves.


This season, focus on shiny models, satin, or luminous velvet. Do not hesitate to dare these super feminine fabrics that are sure to modernise your outfit. Go for the pleated leather or imitation leather to rhyme rock with chic. When it comes to colours, indulge yourself by setting your sights on black, brown, beige, grey, navy, or multicoloured. And do not deprive yourself of prints, which give style: houndstooth, checks, modern stripes, geometric patterns, etc.

How to wear a pleated skirt?

If it is very colourful, calm the silhouette with a softer top: a basic white shirt or a thin plain cashmere sweater, which will be bloused with style at the waist. Conversely, if the skirt is in a neutral tone, allow yourself a sweatshirt with a message, denim, or printed shirt.

What accessories with a pleated skirt?

Finally, the accessories will finalise your outfit, do not neglect them. You will frolic in chic sneakers on very active days, or you will play it more elegant with riding boots, ankle boots or pumps.

What about the long skirt?

Today, the long-pleated skirt is making a comeback to the point of becoming a wardrobe staple.

How to choose it? Material level, it is better to favour models in leather or imitation for a chic look, in a cotton blend for everyday use, those in more vaporous muslin or organza for special occasions and for more festive moments.

When it comes to colours, classic shades always work well for everyday use including, grey, navy, black or winter white. When the sun is pointing at the tip of its nose, pastels, chick yellow or pink will brighten up your looks. To make your outfit more modern, tie & die, two-colour, or geometric models are wise choices. On the printed side, we dare the flowers, vertical stripes, polka dots, leopard, or zebra for more style!

How to wear it well? In theory, the long-pleated skirt suits all body types. It is ample and allows all our little complexes to be concealed! But its length can tend to pack if you are short. Then take a little height by accompanying them with pumps or ankle boots with heels.
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