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How To Wear a Trench Coat in Autumn Without Getting Cold?

The time has come to think about autumn looks and it means only one thing: the return of trench coats! No matter how much we see it every autumn, we always ask ourselves the question: how to wear the trench coat without getting cold? Also, forget how you have done it so far. In the autumn of 2022, raincoats will be less boring than usual, and the credit goes to all the new tips and influencers, who provide style ideas on how to wear the trench coat without feeling like you are always dressing the same way.

Tips for wearing a trench coat in autumn without getting cold:

Warm it up by adopting the layering technique, i.e., by superimposing several layers of clothing. You can slip other basics of the wardrobe under your trench coat such as the denim jacket, the perfecto, or the blazer.

opt for warm materials at the top, such as merino wool or cashmere, or by slipping a thermal T-shirt under its lighter tops.

Wear a large thick cotton sweatshirt or hoodie. Even the most classic garment, thanks to a little trick, can become incredibly cool. Influencers know it well: among the tips on how to wear the trench coat to make it cool, here is the most fashionable mode: open and tight but at the waist thanks to the belt. An elegant style tip that allows you to show your outfit underneath (especially if you are well dressed), without losing covering when it rains!

How to wear the trench coat differently? Easy: treat it like a dress. opt for a medium or oversized model and make sure to tie it tightly at the waist. For more safety, slip a combination dress underneath. To combine with your favourite chunky boots, to break the style and play with contrasts.

The old-fashioned raincoat easily goes unnoticed, but simply putting it on the shoulders rather denotes a refined personality that stands out. This style tip on how to wear the trench coat has already been used by fashion girl bosses. But did you know that there are super cool trench coats, even at low prices, that can be worn exactly as stars and influencers do with their expensive models?


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