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How To Wear and Accessorise a Long Dress

We love it for its lightness, flexibility, and super practical side to put on in the morning when you hesitate in front of your wardrobe. Sometimes chic, bohemian, or romantic, the long dress is now one of the great fashion basics to have been like winter.

We think it's reserved for special occasions and the summer period alone... and we're wrong. Super easy to put on in the morning, just add a trendy sweater or a blazer jacket and seasonal accessories to wear it often. With it, you will have everything good, provided you still know how to find the right dress according to your morphology.

Which shape of the dress to choose for my morphology?

If you are tall (from 1.70 m) and thin, beware: the slender cut of the long dress tends to lengthen the silhouette, so hide the shapes. The result: you may look even thinner and/or thinner than you are. To reduce this verticality, opt instead for an ultra-flexible cotton model: the aerial side of the fabric will give an impression of volume. Also, bet on a fancy model with ruffles under the chest gathers on the bust and a patterned fabric: enough to give a little more volume to the whole.

If you are small: it is imperative to avoid compacting your silhouette with a model that is too loose and vaporous. Therefore, opt for a straight cut with a fluid fabric. And lengthen your silhouette by clearing your shoulders with "one shoulder" models or Bardot necklines. The best? Turn to a bustier cut. Finally, be aware that light colours and patterns tend to enlarge and thicken the silhouette, so preferably bet on a plain and dark fabric.

If you have a generous shape: the long dress is THE dress, you need to hide certain curves and highlight your assets. Try an empire dress or a "pyramid" model that straps under the chest: a perfect parade to mask hips that are too wide. Also, prefer a light and fluid fabric that does not stick to your silhouette.

Long dress: what accessories to wear with it?

Chic, bohemian or more romantic, the long dress has more than one style. In fact, it all depends on the accessories you decide to wear.

For a chic and sober look, ideal for the evening, opt for a straight cut. Dark colours are a sure bet and discreet sequins at the neckline bring a touch of irresistible femininity. In this case, accessorise your dress with a necklace and a pair of thin earrings. At your feet, a nice pair of high heels and will do the trick.

For a bohemian look, fall for a vaporous long dress. Bet on details: Arabic motifs, ruffles, and floral fabrics. Accessorise everything with feather earrings and a braided brown leather belt.

For a more romantic, full fire look on a fluid fabric dress model. Choose pastel shades such as pink, blue, green, or beige. And bet on details such as lace, embroidery, and Liberty panels. At your feet, a pair of Spartan-type flat sandals and the look is done!

2 mistakes to avoid

1. Fantasy: a little, it's yes. But too much is not. If you like patterns, sequins, embroidery, and lace, you make a choice and limit your effects to a single fantasy to gain elegance.

2. If you are tall (more than 1.70 m), forget about high heels with a long dress: prefer flat shoes or heels of up to 3 cm.


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