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How to Wear Boots This Season!

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Boots are always on-trend no matter what, and especially if you pair them correctly with your outfits. They can then be essential for your shoe cabinet. If you don't have a lot of inspiration for wearing the latest pair of boots you bought, don't panic, this article on how to wear boots is for you. Boots have the advantage of being particularly feminine and elegant, in addition to giving you a lot of styles.

Boots definition: A boot is a high shoe with the upper encloses the foot, ankle, and calf. It may be higher or lower depending on the models. The most common one ends just below or in the middle of the knee. A lower model will rather be considered as an ankle boot or a low boot. A higher model is like a thigh boot.

A brief history of the boot. In the 60s, it became a real fashion accessory and was most often worn with a short skirt. In the 90s it became very popular and is often associated with sexual fetishism. The boot can be put on using a zipper or elastic, usually placed on the side.

How to wear boots according to your body type.

If you are small and thin, boots give you a pretty figure. Instead, choose them with heels to get you soaring and preferably with an upper not too wide so that the shoe remains balanced against your fine pace. You might float otherwise, and the effect would be unflattering. Avoid boots with heels that are too thick or too massive which would not give a good impression with your thin legs.

If you are short and round opt for boots with heels to slim your figure. You can choose thick and/or square heels without any problem, the effect will be more balanced with your leg. The rod can be more or less wide depending on your calf. In any case, avoid an upper with a super tight second-skin effect, the result would not be very classy.

If you are tall and thin you can afford to wear heeled boots or flat boots since you are already slender. Choose medium heels instead if you are very tall; especially on a daily basis so as not to be too high.

If you are tall and round opt for boots with thick and/or square heels; also, not too high so as not to make your look too massive. You can also choose a boot height that is best below the knee, preferably so as not to weigh down your figure.

If you have strong calves, you often ask which pairs of boots to buy based on your calves? I know that for some of you with stronger calves, it can be mission impossible to find a boot style that you can put on easily and that you feel comfortable with for hours. Do not panic, especially avoid the zippers or make sure the shaft is wide, both at the ankle and calf. You can also opt for a model with elastic which will be easier to put on or a model with back lacing that you can adjust according to your calf width while remaining comfortable.

In my opinion, whatever your body type, the secret of a classy and elegant boot lies in the width of the upper, not too tight, from the bottom to the top for a slender effect; as well as in the quality of the leather thick enough and firmly in place so as not to descend on the ankle permanently and thus guarantee a good hold.

How to wear boots well on a daily basis Boots can be worn with a lot of different outfits. In length, If you want to wear them with jeans, wear a slim model close to the body, it will be prettier and more stylish than with loose or wide jeans. The important thing is that the boot follows your leg and only the slim jeans can make this effect consistent. You can also add a nice 3/4 coat, neither too long nor too short to reveal the whole boot and be warm at the same time in winter.

As for dresses and skirts, you can give yourself to your heart's content because boots go with almost everything. A shade, all the same, it all depends on whether you wear your outfit during the day or in the evening. During the day to go to work, I advise you to choose a length above the knee or midday (just below the knee), it will be wiser and classier compared to the context of the work. You can choose a sweater dress, a flowing silk dress, a leather skirt, as long as it is not too short.

For your evenings, on the other hand, you can allow yourself to let go a little more. The skirt can be short, in leather or not.

Whatever the outfit, the boot will lengthen your leg and give a very feminine and classy aura to your figure. Even if it's a little less fashionable.

In recent years with the massive arrival of ankle boots and low boots in the women's wardrobe, don't hesitate to have a pair in your wardrobe. I also advise you to opt for a model with medium heels, you will have a lot of use in everyday life.

The question of how to wear the boots is no longer a secret to you, it's up to you. I hope this article has inspired you and made you want to wear this pair of boots more often. And you, do you like boots? How do you wear them? Take a look at our new collection of boots.


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