How to Wear Culottes?

The culottes, the right combinations: Wearing the culottes without looking like a badly closed potato sack, possible? Challenge accepted!

Too short, too wide, too old-fashioned, the culottes are not unanimous. And yet, it is essential, again this season. Here are all the keys to finally taming the culottes.

Culottes, THE survivor

Don't ask us why culottes have remained on top of fashion trends for the past few seasons.

We find it hard to understand how the most outdated play of the century can stay in the front row. But it is so.

A star of the 1920s, she has long been the hated partner of schoolchildren. Neither really pants nor really a skirt, the culottes are both long Bermuda shorts and wide capris.

For several seasons, she has enjoyed a mysterious but glorious comeback.

Who are culottes for?

Okay, culottes don't suit everyone. Sure, it's trendy, but just because it was voted the coolest item of the season doesn't m