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How To Wear Faux Fur with Style and Modernity?

If there is a trend to adopt again this season, it's faux fur! But beware, there are a few rules to consider.

To the question, "Is faux fur now an integral part of our wardrobe essentials?" the answer is "Absolutely!” Particularly in recent seasons, in the era of comfy fashion where we like to love soft and comfortable pieces. If it has often been considered vulgar and sometimes even corny, here it is back on the front of the stage and descending directly from the catwalks of fashion week to warm us up in style this season.

What cuts for which morphologies or colours, and what to wear our faux fur jacket or coat this season? Discover all our advice to find the model you need.

How to choose it well?

You might think that the finer and taller you are, the more you can go for long fur, and that the smaller you are, the more it would be in your interest to go for close-cropped style. So, it's not wrong, but there is also and above all a decisive parameter: fashion! And there, for this season, there is no need to be careful.

Mistakes not to make...

First, either we choose the more-true-than-true effect, or we frankly assume the false side... and fun!

You must know choosing a faux fur that looks hyper-real can expose you to thoughts of "anti-fur", never very pleasant. Moreover, we take it easy on the make-up with this piece! Not overly smoky smokey eye or overly red glossy lips. Ditto for jewellery or shoes: we will favour casual over glamour.

On the palette side, there are colours and more colours!
This season we will favour warm amber and cognac shades, which are therefore natural or, we play with deep shades of plum, eggplant, and ripe black grape red... Otherwise, emerald to make it interesting!

What are the pieces to adopt and with what to wear them?

The "good look" with faux fur?

So, let's be clear, faux fur is worn in a casual and laid-back context or in a cultural context.

On the feet, small boots and other trendy boots and ankle boots, slightly rock-attitude pieces will be perfect (hello chunky boots!).

Around the neck: only bohemian rock hammered silver pendants and necklaces will be tolerated this season. The most daring will dare a gold chain... On the handbag side, either play the 70's effect with a large soft leather satchel or go for a rock look with a mini quilted leather bag worn over the shoulder.

The fashionista option: a vintage travel bag in monogrammed canvas and patinated leatherette borders.

You will have understood the idea is to shift this piece as much as possible with relaxed classics: guaranteed results.


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