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How to Wear Grey This Season

What can I wear with a grey sweater?

Grey is considered a classic, noble and refined. For this reason, for stylists, grey and its multiple shades are perfect, which gives the fashionable look an elegance.

Grey, which some people find boring, is extremely diverse and offers an incredible amount of combination with other colours and shades. For each trendy outlet, a unique set consisting of grey elements is selected. A grey sweater or sweater is perceived as part of such an ensemble, complemented by pants or a skirt, original accessories and shoes. The grey wool sweater is not only comfortable and warm but also versatile, which makes it a must-have in the wardrobe.

Don't mix in grey with the same intensity of brown or beige. You will also not be able to achieve harmony between grey and gold. Although grey and yellow colours go well with a suit.

Colour combinations

Noble grey smooths ultra-bright and eye-catching shades. It looks advantageous with blue, red and pink. Strict grey-black gamma is now essential in a suit. Like a grey-white, win-win accord in an elegant ensemble of clothing.

The original tandem is purple and burgundy with grey undertones.

If you don't like experiments, grey will always have a lighter and darker shade to create a monochrome outfit. This will help such valuable varieties of grey as anthracite and Marengo.

Light grey and dark grey, blue-grey, metal and asphalt remain trendy hues from season to season. Combining the different shades of grey, you need to remember that the special texture gives such a union a variety of textures.

Symbol of neutrality par excellence, grey is the winning colour for the start of the season. Proof of this is with this myriad of outfits that prove that grey is anything but monotonous.


Trend models

Office style

Thin sweater, skirt or pants. The work kit is best complemented by brighter accessories. A jacket is combined with a sweater and a white-collar shirt.

Grey nuanced sweater with a high round neck a round hem and long sleeves. The cuffs and the hem are in ribbed woven fabric. The sweater is very soft



The street style is characterized by elongated models of sweaters, resembling a short dress or tunic. All that remains is to collect black boots and a dark grey bag.

You can wear a grey sweater or a sweater over a collared dress and a loose skirt. The feminine look will be supported by black shoes with bows.

Grey shiny sweater with a crew neck a round hem and long sleeves. The cuffs are wide and have little splits.



For a trendy look, you need a fluffy stripe sweater with a round neckline, a black mini skirt worn with your favourite ankle boots.

Grey sweater with long sleeves and round neck fluffy and soft fabric with contrasting stripe design.


What to wear and how to choose

You can wear a grey sweater with almost any type of dress, be it a skirt or pants. The pants are suitable for both wide and narrow, tight, narrowed down. For pants, the combination with the elongated style of a sweater is characteristic. But also, a cropped sweater looks good if the waist of the pants is too high.

The Mysterious Glow of Grey ...

Dull, grey colour? Far from there! Wrongly accused of being too versatile, the colour grey is immensely rich. Here are some ideas of colourful combinations to enhance your outfits and make your grey jewellery a real signature!

Elegant and refined, the grey gradient

Grey is one of the so-called basic or neutral colours, which are particularly easy to combine. Your grey jewels can therefore complement an outfit composed in shades around a top or a light dress. For the effect to be successful, it is recommended to make a gradient going from white to anthracite: the lightest colours will be worn near the face, to illuminate it, while the darker tones will be worn towards the lower body.


Sweet Geo Necklace – Slate Grey

We love this stylish statement necklace because of its originality and structure. Made with a gunmetal flat snake chain and embellished with six cubic smoked crystals that play with light and shades for a very contemporary look.


‘Believe’ Grey Leather and Sterling Silver Bracelet

The unique styling of this exclusive sterling silver bracelet shows refined taste and sense of style. The textured chord of this sterling silver jewellery is perfected by using a premium-grade leather. It is further embellished with a metal trim, reading “Believe”. 


Gemstone Earrings – Grey Agate

Wear your grey agate to centre yourself around gratitude and find a retreat from the everyday stresses of life.

Simple but stunning. These earrings will quickly become your favourite way to accessorize. Genuine grey agate stones hang from delicate gold wire and complement any outfit.


Grey Agate Gemstone Bracelet

"Renewal. Just as the rain cleanses the air and refreshes the Earth, we sometimes need to renew our souls and let go of things holding us down. Agate promotes transformation, so wear this as a reminder that every day is a fresh start."


Grey Mother of Pearl Drop Necklace

This is a delicate designer necklace, featuring a beautifully composed Grey Mother of Pearl pendant set in 18k Gold Plated Sterling Silver dangling from a Cubic Zirconia lined hoop. A truly sweet necklace.


We hope that these few ideas will inspire you and wish you great discoveries in the new products section!

"The tones of grey, pale turquoise and pink will prevail." - Christian Dior


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