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How To Wear Moccasins in Style In 2022? Tips And Trending News

Chic, timeless and stylish, the moccasin continues to boost the fashion quotient of our outfits this season. In a classic version, with rhinestones, and even with a wedge, there will be something for everyone to be at the top of the latest fashion trends this autumn-winter 2022-2023.

Whether we love them or hate them, moccasins are indeed it-shoes to have in your dressing room this season. While all seasoned fashionistas have already adopted them on the sidelines of fashion week shows, some are still sceptical about wearing them. Often considered too classic or even nerdy, these shoes are nevertheless a pleasant fashion alternative to heeled pumps and boots. Once reserved for men, over the years they have managed to rise to the rank of basics of the female wardrobe.

Which moccasins to choose this autumn-winter 2022-2023?

This season, the moccasins have been remade... In a more sophisticated version, they will probably manage to put everyone in agreement! Let the enthusiasts of these shoes with a little retro style reassure themselves, classic black leather models remain a safe bet and very popular with fashionistas even if we can turn to a host of new features. If the rhinestones and faux fur effect are all the rage this autumn, the big trend of the season is heeled moccasins. We prefer models with a heel of at least 4cm to bring a feminine and original touch to the outfit.

While the moccasin in its traditional black leather version remains a must, it did not hesitate to make a fashion facelift too. This season, it is chosen with your eyes closed in a colourful version like beige, red, green, or purple, which is THE flagship colour of the season. We will also set our sights on new materials that change such as vinyl, which is very popular at the end of the year. Because fantasies don't stop there, moccasins dress sometimes with bites, sometimes pompoms, small jewellery, or chains... One thing is certain, there will be something to find happiness!

Moccasins like "chunky" are also still popular this season. Like chunky boots, everything lies in the sole. With a thicker sole, with more imposing lines, this moccasin allows you to take a few centimetres neither seen nor known. Without forgetting to give the silhouette a maximum of character!
Before putting on a new pair at the forefront of fashion trends, discover all our fashion tips to wear them well. Take note!

What pants and other clothes to wear with moccasins?

This is the first time you dare moccasins, and you don't want to fall into the too-classic style. Adopt them with jeans. This season, mix them with straight-cut denim or flare jeans for an ultra-cut look. For lovers of these it-shoes, we dare with our eyes closed the entire BCBG look by twisting everything with a pants suit set in an oversize version. Finally, who said you couldn't be sexy with moccasins? By combining the mini-skirt and flat shoes, you are sure to make an impression! Not to mention that XXL coats and jackets will be your best fashion allies if you adopt moccasins. And that's good because trench coats or blazers are more seasonal than ever.

Which socks with women's moccasins?

For an even more assertive style, we do not hesitate to adopt moccasins with socks. But not just any pair! Dare the maxi socks with sequins or patterns. Whether with pants, jeans, and even a miniskirt, you will wreak havoc. We assure you, it's the fashion button that will make all the difference.


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