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How To Wear Orange This Autumn-Winter 2022-2023?

Carried by the revival of the seventies looks (flared pants, psychedelic patterns, satin materials), orange makes resistance in this season's collections. Coat, sweater, dress, skirt, or suit: it's a real tidal wave!

We thought the flashy pink was unassailable on the side of strong colours. And now orange seems determined to stand up to it by playing the holiday troubles in the trendy collections of autumn-winter 2022-2023. Surfing on a fashion still very influenced by the seventies style, designers and brands have put on some orange this season. But here it is: how to adopt this colour reputed to be difficult to wear and, above all, with what to associate it?

Orange colour: which shade to choose?

While it is true that its pumpkin colour is not easy, the trend coming from the podiums is such this season that brands have played caution by betting on a complete orange palette. Result: there is a good chance of finding an orange shade that matches your complexion, your desires, and the fashionable basics of your wardrobe.

Just look at the windows to see that orange unfolds at 360°, ranging from a very pale colour to almost fluorescent shades. From hot to cold, there is enough to find happiness between blood orange, burnt, pumpkin, rust, neon, mandarin, apricot, red, tangerine, copper, and carrot.

Before succumbing, don't forget some basic rules valid for this intense colour:
If you have pale skin, avoid too light oranges. Prefer a strong orange that will illuminate your face.
If you don't like to get noticed, settle for a few orange accessories to boost an office outfit composed of jeans and a trendy blazer: a mandarin-coloured handbag for the shyest, a pair of carrot slouchy boots for the most reckless!

What other colours to wear with it?

If the total look seems too sharp, don't panic. It only takes a few things to tame the fiery character of orange. Its most natural and easy complementary colour is blue. Suffice it to say that the jeans + orange combo works every time. Denim has the power to bring out the brightness of the orange colour, even when it is closer to rust than mandarin!

Contrary to popular belief, black is not the most flattering colour of orange. Do you doubt it? In this case, visualize the typical Halloween costumes... it should be enough to convince you to avoid such a combo. With a large carrot or coral colour piece, nothing better than neutral and light shades such as white, camel and nude. In winter, why not try the marriage of white jeans and a tangerine sweater, promised, the result will be a good mix between classicism and coolness.

As the holiday season approaches, you can even dare to marry flashy pink and orange: these two strong colours combine wonderfully well. A few more trendy pieces of jewellery to pimp the silhouette and here's enough to spend the Christmas holidays at the top of the trend


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