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How To Wear Platform Sandals?

It’s summer! The opportunity to take out our most beautiful flip-flops, and wedge barefoot. The supreme trend of this spring-summer 2022 season remains platform sandals. Focus on this phenomenon...

Platform sandals: the trends of summer 2022

Platform shoes are undeniably the shoes to grab now. In raffia tied at the waist, brown or black, with notched soles, wedge: the choice is gargantuan. Luxury brands such as cheap convenience stores can't miss the phenomenon.

How to dress in platform sandals?

The definite advantage is that these summer shoes go well with any outfit. In order not to commit odds, here are some little tips that will certainly serve you!

To go out with friends, bet on a white patterned T-shirt with a fluid long skirt or denim shorts and black platform shoes with notched soles. A modern and feminine look at the key! To add 70s vibes, add a scarf to your hair. So, chic! And if you have guts, why not try to wear sandals with socks. A bet is always risky but if it is the well-conducted winner!

For a working girl look, opt for a black or grey striped blazer that you will twist with a bandeau bra accompanied by white shorts and yellow, pink, or fluorescent green platform sandals. A set is worthy of the most seasoned fashionistas!

For a family lunch, plain pants jumpsuit and very compensated raffia platform pumps will do the trick. Or a long floral dress with sandals with brown and golden suede straps. It's up to you!
For a more dressed evening, the satin tight dress combo and leather platform sandals with belt-effect buckles are a must!

Don't forget to dress your nails with your most beautiful nail polish and you're done!


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