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How to Wear Prints and Mix Them with Style?

Polka dots, flowers, stripes, checks… This summer, the stars of our wardrobe are indeed prints. However, it is not always easy to combine them. Here are some ideas to combine prints with style and avoid the fashion faux pas!

Forget everything you've always been told about fashion ... In recent years, mixing and matching has been the fashion trend. Today, fashionistas are defying all the rules that have been set for us for years and they no longer hesitate to combine colours, materials ... and prints! For our greatest happiness since these associations which break the codes are of the most beautiful effect ... on the condition of respecting, all the same, some essential rules.

Play with colours

Regarding the association of prints, there are two schools: while some will always advise you to have at least one colour in common in your prints, others will tell you rather play with contrasts and mix light and shades. The correct answer is certainly in between. To make sure you don't look like a Christmas tree in the middle of August, avoid overly dissonant colours and stick to a common shade. If one of your two pieces contains a dominant of white (a striped sweater for example), then rest assured, almost all the prints will match.

Keeping the same colour as a common thread can be a sure bet to not make mistakes. But the combination of a floral bomber and striped pants will always look great, whatever the colour!

Play with proportions

Another tip to not overdoing it when trying out a mix and match: adopt the same pattern at the top and bottom but play with the proportions. Indeed, matching a large print with a smaller one always created a visual harmony ball.

Don't overdo it

Finally, in order not to attack the eyes of the people who are looking at you, the essential rule to respect is to not overdo it! Try to never wear more than three prints at a time, unless you are a proven stylist.

Associations that always work

The stripes and the polka dots are the sure values ​​of the mix and match: you can without any problem marry them with flowers, a paisley pattern or even leopard if the heart tells you!

Polka dots and checks also pair perfectly, it's the perfect match between a demure and romantic look.

Fashionistas tend to say that the animal-to-animal mix is ​​a perfect match. Dare the tiger and the leopard for a 100% wild look!

Which print for which morphology?

There isn't a typical print for every silhouette ... and fortunately! The point of attention will be on the size of the patterns. It is still the rule of proportionality. Simply choose prints in your size!

Dressing in patterns or prints is not the easiest exercise in the world, but with these few tips you will get there too, I'm sure!

Are you short and thin? the very fine patterns are made for you.

Are you a luscious woman? choose a pretty size pattern!

Different types of prints

feminine: circles, flowers

geometric: lines, stripes

animal prints: leopard, zebra

Which prints for which occasion?

The most elegant is the absence of patterns or very discreet patterns. If you want to wear prints for a dressy occasion, choose feminine or geometric patterns.

Animal prints are certainly very feminine, but to be used lightly. Choose more modern versions or play the shift.

Are you going on holiday? Bring out the flower patterns and fruit prints!

If you want an up-to-date everyday look, take a step backwards. Mix two, for example, a fruit patterned t-shirt with a perfecto or a polka dot dress with a denim jacket.

Concretely how to wear the prints?

1. Play the patterns in detail

Printed shoes

Sleeve cuff

2. Wear a printed item

You can start with a discreet and fine pattern.

If you only wear one printed item of clothing in your outfit, there is no risk of a fashion faux pas.

Choose the colours in the print for the clothes that you will wear with it.

Let's increase the level of difficulty: wear a printed coat, it gives a beautiful style if the print is well chosen!

3. How to combine the prints?

Match no more than two prints and choose them well, they just don't go together. Here are some ideas:

Play with the size of the same print, wear a geometric pattern (stripes for example) with a floral pattern, dare to wear printed shoes and wear a different pattern for the top of your outfit (jacket or top).

I love prints. It reminds me every time that women are infinitely more subtle in the way they dress than men.

Stay SUBTLE don't overdo it, the simpler is often the better!

“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.” – Coco Chanel


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