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How to Wear Red This Autumn/Winter

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Are you ready to blush this season?
The red of the cheeks, symbol of good health or emotion, the red power, the red of sensuality and luxury, the red of glamour… This colour is at the heart of the trend for autumn/winter.

This is your chance to attract attention, to stand out, to admire ... There are so many ways to wear it that you will love to go red!

Blush your autumn/winter

Rather than succumb to the autumn blues, see life in red instead. Repaint your autumn with lots of vibrant colours. Choose your shade of red and impose yourself. You will brighten up your day.

When the red of the catwalks takes to the streets

The creators succumbed to the fiery calls for the colour red, and they have infused their autumn/winter collection with it.
From catwalks to the street, this year you will find contrasting styles, united by a common choice: glowing monochrome.

Be sophisticated: dare! Combine red with shades of grey to suit a professional environment. Or, why not, in darker navy-type shades.

Be playful with an urban style. Pair red and earth tones, with a few pops of white to brighten up your outfit. Flats, minimalist accessories: this is by far our winning super combo.

Be the queen of the night. The night is yours, with an all-over look, made of several shades of red. Complete with a metallic drop in the accessories.

The three secrets of a trendy style in red for autumn/winter

Here are your red inspirations for a style adapted to your temperament. Adventurer? A little less? One of these looks is bound to suit you!

Red expresses your power, your strength. But you might want a slightly more muted look, for example for a professional vibe or a more reserved environment. The secret: lean on the jeans as the centrepiece and skill-fully slip in pieces or splinters of red to attract attention.

Want to flaunt a daring outfit without romance or over-glamour?
The secret: flowing materials and shades of blue pair perfectly with red.

One of the trendiest looks of the season is based on the combination of red and green. But not just anyhow! A khaki green that breaks with the rigidity of the military style, a deep red: reclaim this style to create your trend.


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