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How To Wear Several Necklaces Without Getting Them Tangled

In the accessories department, we ask for necklaces. And all at once is even better! In recent years, the accumulation of necklaces has become a real trend. However, when you wear several necklaces, they tend to get tangled together. To avoid having to constantly untangle them, we have found a foolproof tip.
Synonymous with elegance and femininity, jewellery, from earrings to bracelets and necklaces, allows us to add pep to all our outfits! The time for minimalism is coming to an end to give way to maximalism, so this season, we are fans of XXL jewellery. Go for imposing colourful earrings, and yes, for several years now wearing just one necklace around your neck has not been enough. Indeed, to be in tune with the trends, you should not hesitate to multiply several necklaces in different lengths. Two, three or four necklaces, chains or chokers ... Stacking, or the accumulation of necklaces, is in vogue within the fashion sphere. But as cool as it may be in practice, it is not uncommon for necklaces to get tangled. As a result, you can already imagine yourself spending hours untangling them... Fortunately, we have found a simple technique to remedy this and save you long minutes of frustration.
How to keep the chains from getting tangled?
There's nothing more frustrating than painstakingly choosing two or three pendants that pair perfectly together only to find that once worn, they get tangled and break up your look. If you recognise yourself in these words, you will be delighted to know that we have found the solution to avoid this.
You just need to attach all your necklaces using the clasps. This will create a giant necklace that you will put around your neck. Then, simply make several turns around your head until your necklaces overlap seamlessly. And there you have it; it was that simple! You will finally be able to wear all your favourite necklaces and be at the forefront of this season’s fashion trends.
How to store your necklaces to prevent them from getting tangled?
When it’s time to store away your necklaces, it's not always very easy. They can get tangled very easily and are very difficult to untangle sometimes. To avoid the situation that we have all experienced in the morning when we have decided to put on a necklace, but it is attached to another, we have discovered an unstoppable tip. Simply use a sheet of cling film and lay your necklaces flat lengthwise. Then, fold your different necklaces one by one.
Removing a chain knot
Are you desperate to untangle your favourite necklace? Don't worry, there are many tips such as using oil, talcum powder or a needle, the latter of which appears to be the easiest to adopt.
We struggle (sometimes) to undo knots using our fingers, which do not allow precise work. So, you can turn to a thin needle such as a pin, a sewing needle or even a very thin nail. You will be able to pass it more easily inside the tangled links to make them slide and release them. For the tightest knots, use two needles simultaneously. Place them both in the middle of the knot and gently pull on either side to undo it. Once loosened, you can untangle the knot with a single needle. And that’s it!


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