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How to Wear The Colour Purple of The Season After 50?

In small touches, blended into a print or a total look, this shade evocative of softness and dreams is once again one of the flagship shades of winter. How to wear and adapt it? We tell you everything.

What to associate purple with?

Fruit of the mixture of blue and red, this very couture tone. This shade goes perfectly with white, black, or beige. Also, jeans, all shades of blue & dark green, and for the more adventurous, yellow, and orange.

Go for everyday looks that are easy to wear, like jeans that you'll wear with a purple sweater. A black leather knee-length skirt with a purple cardigan will also be lovely and give you a very chic look. Or, for a very present look, consider teaming a purple sweater with dark green velvet or beige cotton canvas pants. The most daring will mix purple with tones such as yellow or orange, which bring dynamism and a touch of originality. Another option: drown the purple in floral prints, still very fashionable this season, by opting for a tunic, a flared skirt, or a dress that you will wear with a pair of boots.

Purple: for whom?

Purple goes a priori to everyone! This colour emphasises matte complexions well, which will not hesitate to choose dark purples. Lighter skin tones will turn towards shades of purple. On the hair side, know that this warm shade will perfectly enhance your salt and pepper hair or your white hair, so now is the time to give in!

Purple in total look

Its variations of purple, mauve or aubergine from top to bottom seem very daring a priori for those who do not master the shades to perfection. Be careful with the dosages, as these are very strong shades.

A total look yes, but on condition that you calm things down with accessories in softer colours, such as a cream or natural leather bag.

You can dare the pants and the top with a purple cowl neck. Wear a purple coat, a three-hole dress, or even try the purple pencil skirt associated with a purple shirt enhanced with a scarf in shades of red or blue for a flawless look.

What about accessories?

For those reluctant to wear purple clothes, let yourself be tempted by touches on the accessories. More discreet, they will enhance your outfits, while allowing you to have "that little more fashion". So go for bags, shoes, scarves, or hats in purple tones that will go perfectly with all your winter looks!


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