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How To Wear the Faux Fur Coat After 50 Years?

Did you like it last season? The faux fur coat returns this winter to delight its fans and conquer the hearts of the undecided. We tell you how to wear it after 50 years.

In the winter coat department, put an option on faux fur. Seen on the winter parades of Saint Laurent or Stella McCartney in an ultra-chic version, the faux fur coat is the most desirable of the season. With long or short hair, it is of incomparable comfort and will enhance both chic and casual outfits.

How to wear a faux fur coat daily?
Choose a model with an ideal length (above the knee) and a simple, practical, and comfortable cut. Wear it casually for your appointments, for a shopping trip with friends or to go to the office. The fur easily goes well with checked or velvet pants, accompanied by a knit in the same tones. More casual, compose your outfit with straight jeans, a plain shirt, and a wool tank top. At the feet, add chic sneakers to stay modern.

Another possibility: is the knit dress of the season, which will blend perfectly with a faux fur coat and heeled boots. For those who prefer skirts, the fluid midi model worn with a denim shirt or a patterned blouse and flat suede boots or cowboy model will add bohemian accents to your look. On the colour side, sober shades are always a sure value, like black, brown, beige, camel or grey. The most reckless will dare colour to put fantasy in their outfits. You can also opt for autumn shades (burgundy, rust, midnight blue or green), always in tune with the times.

How to wear a faux fur coat in the evening?
There is nothing like an elegant faux fur coat to perfect your outfit. Sheath dresses, 3-hole dresses, heart-swarming dresses, all these models will allow you to mix it easily with faux fur. Add a pair of pumps or jewellery sandals. If necessary, don't forget to belt your waist to structure your silhouette and give you even more style. A pantsuit is a good option for your night outings as well as the ultra-trendy faux leather skirt. However, beware that if you have a large build (V-shaped morphology, i.e., wide shoulders and narrow hips), this type of coat is not recommended. Instead, turn to a bathrobe cup, a classic of the genre. Finally, avoid associating pest necklines and animal prints such as leopard or zebra with faux fur, you might look vulgar!

What accessories with a faux fur coat?
Be sober and choose them carefully. We avoid overbidding fur and prefer a leather bag, such as a tote or a very chic shoulder bag. The same goes for jewellery, which is added sparingly or remains discreet. Finally, do not belt your faux fur coat, it would only weigh down your figure, but do it on the clothes you wear underneath.


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