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How To Wear the Trendy Pink of Autumn-Winter 2022-2023?

Valentino's all-pink parade 6 months ago should have put the chip in our ear. After having been a hit all summer, the flashy pink continues to lead all the trends of this autumn-winter 2022-2023. Sweater, jacket, shirt, bag, or shoe: there is not even time to search the shelves, this season there is only the embarrassment of choice!

Remember: in January Pantone predicted a year under the sign of the "Very Péri" trend. Nine months later, this is not the case: the fashion trends of autumn-winter 2022-2023 are resisting and still seem to want flashy pink. This colour has already been seen and reviewed. Before seeing new trendy shades arrive in our cabinets, let's focus on this bright pink on the edge of fuchsia that points to the tip of its nose even when temperatures falter and the weather is rainy!

Did you love wearing pink in a total look last summer? So, you will love the idea of being able to do the same this season. The trousers’ suit has become over the years a fashion wardrobe essential; you can continue to wear a blazer (whether fitted or oversized, it's up to you) and high-waisted trousers with a flashy pink matching together. And when temperatures drop dangerously to zero, two solutions will be available to you: push the cursor even further by adding to your tailor an oversized style coat of an equally punchy pink (we think of fuchsia rose) or calm the game by wrapping yourself behind a more classic man's skin, black or navy colour for example.

Because this is the other lesson of the trends of the season: when the flashy pink is not worn in a total look, it does wonders with winter white. Try to slip a bright pink sweater into the belt of white pants and you will see that this combo is the same with the other star association of the season - understand the flashy pink + the raw jeans. Do we really need to tell you that it only takes an almost fluorescent shirt to make any trendy jeans of this autumn 2022 pulse?

A fan of the versatile look doesn’t run away! Flashy pink does not only go through clothing. Handbags, boots, and jewellery: a simple accessory can sometimes make a difference. Even when the rest of your outfit is all black... think about it!


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