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How to Wear The Trendy Yellow Dress This Season?

With it, it is impossible to go unnoticed. Summer and winter, learn to master its flamboyant colour to be at the top in all circumstances.

Our fashion tips to shine

Do you think it is reserved for summer and tanned skin? Think again, depending on the intensity of its colour, the autumn of its material and its cut, the yellow dress can be worn in all seasons and adapt to each type of complexion. Its colour is a real boost provided, however, that certain rules are respected.

Our tips and tricks to adopt this strong piece with style

How to choose the right little yellow dress?

First, it's about finding the "good" yellow. Between mustard, lemon, canary, sunflower, and chick, yellow offers a multitude of possible variations: it's up to you to multiply fittings to find the shade that will match perfectly with your complexion, hair, and look.

Morphology, complexion, eyes, and hair: what colours of clothing for me?

Nothing like a vaporous long dress with thin straps to look like a naiad on vacation. Another option just as summery but cooler: superimpose a pale-yellow cotton veil shirt dress on your swimsuit. From autumn, however, escape models of dresses that are too casual and lengths that exceed your knees. Instead, opt for three-hole dresses with impeccable fall and close to the body. Also: fluid models and long sleeves, provided you choose the right materials (better a silk model than a synthetic model).

How and with what to wear a yellow dress?

Play the complementarity of colours. In summer, the yellow dress is self-sufficient. But in winter, you must warm it up with complementary colours: if you assume it, why not cover it with an electric blue oversized coat? These two colours work very well together. If this look scares you, fall back on nude and autumn shades: camel, orange, or khaki. In any case, zap the flesh-coloured tights and cover your legs with an opaque black model, much more modern!

Break the dressed side of the dress. Layer with a Perfecto-style jacket in black leather in winter or a slightly washed denim jacket that is rather short and fitted as soon as temperatures become mild again.

Go soft on the accessories! Forget XXL jewellery and plastron necklaces, too flashy. Prefer thin models and other golden jewellery, which play the card of simplicity and sobriety. And bet everything on camel-coloured accessories - bags and shoes that will reduce the brightness of the dress. For a touch of fun, also try pumps with a trendy leopard print: it is a pattern that works perfectly with yellow.


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