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How To Wear the Trouser Suit That Comes Back in Force?

Colourful, striped, high waist, wide... This year, the trouser suit signs an ultra-trendy comeback, far from monotonous office uniforms. Find out how to adopt the trend.

Iconic uniform of the working girl of the 80s, the trouser suit quickly became sad, boring, cliché, and even nerdy. But now, as you know as well as we do, fashion is an eternal renewal. Therefore, for several seasons, the one who has accompanied many women to the office has once again been at the forefront. We see it everywhere, from fashion week podiums to the most prominent brands, including the dressing room of fashionistas. To the point of becoming the real basics of the wardrobe.

Trouser suit: trendy materials and colours to adopt

To be current, the trouser suit must be revisited. This first goes through colour. To adopt it with modernity, dare flashy or more natural shades, such as electric blue or purple version perfect for surfing the "very peri" trend, Pantone 2022 colour, not to mention nude pink or candy pink, sparkling yellow, burgundy, fir green or even ultra-chic white.

Another gimmick to follow is to adopt this classic set-in printed version. Why not choose it twisted with a paisley pattern, tiles, polka dots or, more subtly, coloured sportswear-style stripes. And on the material side? Fleece is invited on many trousers in winter, to the delight of chillers and lovers of cocooning pieces. There is also silk, wool, cotton, or satin for the evening.

Finally, for the choice of cuts, diversity is available to you since the trouser suit is endless: skinny version, high-waisted trousers, divided skirt, cigarette or 7/8th.

5 stylish ways to adopt the trouser suit in 2022

In mix & match: to have fun with the tailor, nothing better than playing originality! To do this, unravel/mix the top and bottom of your set. For example, opt for checked tailored trousers and at the top a colourful tuxedo jacket.

By playing modern classicism: you want to wear tailored trousers soberly. It is possible. The only golden rule is not to choose a jacket-trousers set that is too bland. Say no to anthracite grey, black and navy blue and opt instead for a plain fuchsia, pastel blue, or burgundy set. You can also choose a model with the original shape, such as tailored trousers with a flared cut.

Male-female version: nothing is chicer than masculine-feminine. And if there is one piece of your dressing room that lends itself to this theme, it is the tailor. Mix it with a neckline silk top, a lace top for a version where you would wear it without the jacket, or simply with a wrist strap and your slightly unbuttoned tuxedo jacket. And of course, a pair of pumps!

Sporty chic: this is one of the major trends of the season, namely, the tailor worn in an ultra-relaxed version. To do this, leave the jacket in the locker room and opt for trousers with slightly wide, plain, or patterned clips, or even twisted with coloured stripes on the side. Mix this perfect piece with a pair of white sneakers and a loose white one-shirt, to fit in your trousers. What about the shoulders? Swap your classic jacket for a Perfecto-style jacket or a bomber.

Sophisticated: if the suit is doing very well when it is sportswear, know that this is also ideal for a sophisticated look (even without the jacket). To do this, choose it in silk or satin, black, midnight blue or red. And for the rest? A white neckline shirt and a pair of heeled shoes.


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