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How To Wear The White Shirt in Style After 50?

A true classic of the feminine wardrobe, the white shirt adapts to all your fashion desires of the moment. Zoom on this basic that will give you a crazy chic.

With its air of "stealing from men", the white shirt has become a wardrobe essential. Always choose it in good quality, in cotton poplin, silk or satin. Try to have several available in your wardrobe, a bit like we collect jeans because it is important to have the right cut and the right model under the elbow according to your outfits. To fully play the masculine-feminine card, we bet on accessories such as the scarf worn like a tie, flat derbies, or a Chrono watch like a man.

Wear the white shirt well

The advantage of the white shirt: it goes with everything. For everyday looks, wear it with jeans and flat loafers, pumps for the feminine touch or sneakers in a cool version. Working girls will slip under trouser suits or in a straight leather skirt. In the evening, why deprive yourself of your precious shirt? On dark straight pants, it will be perfectly highlighted. Then put on pumps or dress sandals to gain height. Another option, for your festive outfits, does not hesitate to wear it with a sequin skirt or lurex pants. Finally, the white shirt mixes perfectly with a cashmere cardigan or a denim jacket for a very simple look.

Other small details that make the difference, think of the pointed or gathered collars or even the jabot collars, and the French cuffs that can be delicately unbuttoned. The white shirt will follow you throughout the year, in winter under a sweater, in summer wear it with Bermuda shorts or open over your swimsuit. Finally, don't forget that the immaculate shirt will look perfect if it is impeccably ironed!

The white shirt on the morpho side

Choose it loose to camouflage the areas that bother you. Avoid stretch, which emphasises the curves and be careful to have the right size at the level of the breasts. The shirt is suitable for everyone, provided that their morphology is considered. It easily highlights the neckline or covers the hips if necessary.


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