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How to Wear White Pants in Style

Chic and elegant: white pants are the essential pieces of the spring-summer wardrobe. Discover our tips for adopting it in style this season.

We agree white pants can sometimes be scary. Already, because we always fear that it is transparent. Then, because it is easily messy. Finally, because too tight, it sometimes turns out to be a tad vulgar. But well-chosen, this garment - which smells like summer - happens to be resolutely chic and, above all, wearable everywhere, day and night.

Why do we like white pants?

If there's one piece that best shows off your summer tan, it's this one. And this, even if you only have a lightly tanned complexion. It is also the perfect partner for not getting too hot. And yes, it is well known, that white attracts neither the sun nor the heat.

The different ways to adopt it

The denim version: It's the best way to adopt white pants without the risk of a fashion faux pas because, with white on thick canvas-like jeans, goodbye to transparency problems. You can choose it with a slight boyfriend cut, ideal for highlighting your figure while hiding what you don't want to show.

The second option is the straight cut, like the iconic Levi's 501 jeans. To be mixed, for example, with a sky-blue shirt or a trendy fluid blouse to tuck into your pants.

Third option: the flare cut, which refines all morphos, in addition to being part of the seventies fashion.

The total look version for the evening

We dare the total white look by opting for close-fitting pants and a flowing top, all associated with an oversized blazer jacket and a pair of slip-on sandals. To liven up the look, fall for a colourful clutch with graphic patterns.

What are the flops to avoid?

We advise you to avoid the tight pants/heeled pumps combo, at the risk of falling into the vulgar. Prefer slightly wedge espadrilles, flat sandals, or a pair of sneakers, very fashionable now.


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