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Ideas For Office Looks Adapted to The Heat Wave

Faced with the rise in mercury, it is sometimes difficult to remain presentable. Inspiration is drawn from street styles whose queens know how to face the heat wave in the office without succumbing to beachwear.

If we spent half the winter complaining about the cold and the difficulty of keeping a certain sense of style with sweaters and hats, summer can also be difficult to tame. Because when it's hot, we like to be able to frolic with bare arms and legs in the office.

However, we will not dress too casually in front of our colleagues and boss (yes, even if temperatures flirt with those of a distant desert)!

No reason to worry about it, fashion is full of solutions to stay stylish in the summer.

Dress at the office despite the heat wave

From the outset, we forget that the court necessarily keeps less hot than the long. It's all about matters. Some ultra-light such as cotton poplin or linen let the skin breathe naturally while others, such as acrylic or polyester, will tend to literally make us sweat.

You should know that summer rooms such as Bermuda shorts or sandals are welcome in an open space.

In a structured cut and a sober colour, the shorts can be easily invited to the office, especially accompanied for example by a pair of flat moccasins and a striped shirt. The same goes for barefoot, some models of which are sophisticated enough for a summit meeting.

A tip to be trendy in the office this summer, opt for the essential shoes of recent seasons: mules. On the other hand, in the event of a heat wave, you will have to resist the urge to put on a crop top. The only exception is under a jacket or accompanied by high-waisted pants.

One thing is certain, with the strong heat, our fashion allies in the office undoubtedly remain the little lace dress, the Saharan, the midi skirt, or the silk blouse. In short, clothes so light, that we would almost forget that we have them on ourselves.


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