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Jewellery Trends to Adopt this Summer 2021

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

The beautiful days are coming. And with them, the desire to wear pretty adornments to enhance our summer looks. Zoom on the jewellery trends spotted on the social networks.

This season, we are heading for showy and assumed jewellery. Quiet souls fear not. It turns out that minimalist jewellery will also be popular this summer.

We assure you that you will find the perfect companions for the summer season. Jewels are simple and accessible accessories that will always enhance your summer outfits.

Summer Jewellery Trends

Minimalist pendants

These necklaces are so soft and refined that they become everyday friends. Don't hesitate to opt for a quality piece of jewellery to adorn your neck. It's the touch of delicacy and elegance you need this summer.

Super colourful rings

These oversized rings are everywhere! Whether plastic or acrylic, they are far from indifferent. Several craftsmen make unique models. We invite you to dare this very edgy trend!

Ball necklaces

And yes, the necklaces that we loved to make excessively during our stays at summer camp are all the rage these days. They add colour as well as a lot of life to our favourite sets.

The charm bracelet

We love to see this jewellery trend resurface. Fun and stylish, these bracelets allow you to make cute combinations. Our advice? Have fun! Dare to add some original charms for a most personalised bracelet.

Miscellaneous earrings

The simple sets can be easily enhanced with asymmetrical earrings. We invite you to wear them with loose hair and to dare to mix earrings of different lengths.

Tiered necklaces

There is nothing better than a tiered necklace to add definition and a touch of style to your simplest outfits. We invite you to mix metals for a most original look.

Textured metals

Adding texture to our favourite jewellery just adds dimension and glam for a more distinctive look.

Two-sided earrings

For style from all angles, two-sided earrings are the ideal solution. Never again need to sacrifice the back of our lobes with this trend that continues to gain in popularity.


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