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Looking Elegant and Chic in Jeans This Autumn

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Jeans are and remain a wardrobe staple. It comes in different varieties and can be worn over any kind of outfit. Although they are easy to wear, comfortable and all-terrain, jeans are not always a stylish dress. However, you can still look stylish and classy by wearing jeans. You just need to adhere to a few dress codes. Would you like to know how to be chic and elegant in jeans? Here are a few tips.

Wearing super high waisted jeans is trendy!

Contrary to popular belief, the super high waisted jeans haven't lost their lustre. It is the perfect denim that reveals the silhouette and gives it more beauty. These jeans adapt to all body types. It allows you to refine, elongate and sculpt the body according to your individual preferences. Whether you are a slender woman or a beautiful full figure, the high waisted jeans allow you to dress chicer.

7/8 jeans for an urban style that is both relaxed and very chic

7/8 jeans are very trendy nowadays. These jeans help better reveal your femininity. In fact, these are jeans that allow you to dress with great elegance while giving a crazy look to the legs. The lower part of these jeans can be presented in a thousand and one ways and is customisable. You have the option of purchasing regular-rise jeans that you can cut down above the ankle to suit your style. You can also keep your jeans intact and carefully roll them up to reveal the beauty of your ankles.

Wear a blazer over your jeans to look great

Easy to wear, the blazer can be worn in any season and has a timeless character. Very elegant, with the blazer over jeans, you are sure to have the feeling of being well dressed. The blazer also helps to structure the silhouette. Depending on the type of blazer you wear over your jeans, your dress style can change completely.

A shirt or blouse over jeans always looks chic!

A beautiful blouse or a shirt over jeans is popular among women who prefer the casual or formal style. Shirts and blouses are available in different versions. Quality models are made with soft, thin fabrics that last longer. They can be worn for any occasion (at the office, in the evening ...). Blouses are looser and generally more comfortable than shirts. For your outings, you should therefore prefer blouses. Shirts are the most sophisticated. They are therefore more suitable for the office. For more elegance, tuck your blouse or shirt into the jeans.

The trench coat paired with jeans: one of the trendiest dress codes

The trench coat can also be worn over jeans. There is an impressive range of trench coats on the market available in several models, shapes, and colours. The trench coat is also available in short, long, and flared versions. Whatever your style and preferences, you will find a trench coat to wear over your jeans. Those who have a sportswear wardrobe can pair the trench coat with boyfriend jeans and a sweatshirt. For a romantic look, a lace blouse with slim jeans and a trench coat can be paired. For a more understated style, you can choose to use chic cotton or canvas trench coat. The leather trench coat is perfect for those who want to give a rock'n'roll touch to their clothing. The suede trench coat is more suitable for fans of the vintage style. You can also wear a denim trench coat over your pretty dresses or short skirts. As for the colours, the beige trench coat is the most common.

Which shoes look good with your jeans?

The choice of your pair of shoes should not be neglected. This choice should be made depending on the type of jeans you want to wear. Over skinny jeans, you can wear either flats or heels. But preferably, one should opt for shoes with heels, even if the latter is of a small size. Indeed, slim jeans highlight your curves. And there's no better shaping your shape than a good pair of heels.

What to remember from this practical guide? To have a chic look and be elegant in jeans. Your choice should be made according to your preferences and your dress style. You can combine it with beautiful materials and pieces that will reveal your beauty.


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