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Looking Fabulous in Your Forties

In your forties, the choice of your outfit is everyday attention. For work or family life we try to be elegant, casual or even strict. You can have eclectic styles and outfits in your wardrobe and pick the look of your day as you wish.

You can opt for classy and chic clothes, which highlight your beautiful age! You are beautiful and full of style, don't doubt it. A beautiful skirt or classy pants that will be accessorized with resolutely chic jewellery will enhance your face and your outfit. Dare to wear colours, forty years does not mean black only, even if this colour is timeless and always elegant, we do not hesitate to wear colours, which will bring light to your wardrobe.

You don't know how to dress at forty? Be careful not to fall into the cliché of the identical look every day. Shake up your wardrobe, make it take colours and materials, play with your outfit to make you happy every day.

You will be able to choose elegant and classy pieces like a little dress, a little skirt or tailored pants if the professional framework requires it. You will also have the opportunity to vary these very strict outfits with black high-waisted pants and a coloured top, which will highlight your figure and your face. The most important thing is to feel good in your outfit.

If you like shoes with heels, and that you feel good in it, do not hesitate to please yourself, you will slim your figure and can adopt a more toned and voluntary approach. For accessories, the most classic will always be popular and they will bring a touch of elegance to your outfit, but don't be afraid of more vivid pieces with flashy colours, bracelets, earrings and necklaces will perfectly accompany your outfit.

At forty we assume a feminine outfit; we know our body better than when we did at twenty. At this age, we know what works for us and what does not. We get inspired and we draw in parades, we have fun and we dress with envy while looking for both comfort and style. We opt with greater ease for what we like, but also and above all quality parts. At forty, you no longer assert your tastes and femininity. Treat yourself to the shapes and materials that attract you. You can take advantage of every part of your body.

How to choose your outfits

It’s an opportunity to be even more glamorous, classier or more rock as you wish. You can have a more assertive style because you have already tried many outfits. However, fashion at forty or fifty is no longer that of twenty or thirty years! You have to choose carefully the pieces to wear to be chic and trendy.

Some women are just young mothers, others will never want children, while others already have a pretty small family. In any case, from the age of forty, the body undergoes modifications.

The hips become wider; the waist measurement can increase by a few centimetres. Like the rest of the body, the belly is less firm and may have a "paunch". Unless you have been exercising regularly, you may not be able to escape. Among the other signs of ageing at forty, there are facial wrinkles, dry skin or sagging skin on certain parts of the body.

To hide these little flaws, clothes are your best allies. You will have no trouble finding chic pants or a two-tone wool dress, and many other ideal outfits. Contrary to what many women think, it is not impossible to find suitable clothing for the over forties.

The perfect pants

Leave aside the sexy slims worn by teens and adopt models more suited to your age. The black pants are a timeless piece that will go well with all types of top, but also with high heels. It is just essential that it is the right size and that it allows to mark your silhouette. The black jacquard model, worn with half boots and a black leather jacket, can give you a superb rock look.

More relaxed, the fluid pants with print or striped can be accompanied by a black top and white tennis shoes. You can wear this outfit to go to work or for a day out with friends.

High-waisted pants or black pants can be worn with a three-quarter sleeve shirt and yellow or coloured heels will be very classy. You can also wear tight-cut jeans with wedges for an elegant but simple style.

If you have a fairly slim body with narrow shoulders, go for pants that tighten at the legs. If this is not the case, you can wear a model with a flared bottom. But the most important thing is that the pants of the forty-year-old woman should not be too tight or too wide.

More stylish dresses

The must-have in your wardrobe is undoubtedly the black dress. Timeless, this type of dress can be classic, elegant or sexy depending on its cut. You can also accessorize it with a scarf and colourful shoes to be trendy.

A dark, straight dress is ideal for looking elegant over forty. Adopt models that stop at or just above the knees, without going to the ultra-short. You can wear your dress with flat boots or black heels and a nice bag. You still have beautiful legs in your forties, so why deprive yourself of wearing short clothes?

For flowing dresses, opt for models printed with royal princes’ tiles or ethnic patterns. With a long necklace or a fancy necklace, black tights and high boots, you will be elegant and very attractive. A nice outfit will even help you look younger.

If you prefer long dresses, you can opt for a slightly split model or a two-tone dress. Avoid dresses that are cut at the abdomen, as they will bring out the belly. Prefer those that divide at the bust, wrap at the top and flared at the bottom.

Are you looking for inspiration for your look of the day? Here are three styles to adopt with your eyes closed if you are part of the "women forty and over" team.

Elegant for any occasion

With a simple blouse, wear a skirt with colourful patterns. Wear pink or black pumps and a colourful bag as an accessory. On the jewellery side, keep it simple with pearls on the ears and the necklace. Finally, you can decorate your wrist with an assortment of colourful ethnic bracelets or a simple leather watch. You are ready to go to a wedding or an opening in an art gallery!

The working girl

A beautiful jacket or a comfortable and refined coat will be ideal for the top. You can wear a chic jumpsuit. With your slender figure, this outfit is perfect for going to work or a business meeting.

Relaxed & Trendy

You have errands to run and you are looking for a comfortable but stylish outfit. Wear a cashmere sweater with a round neck or a sleeveless T-shirt with illustrations. For the bottom, choose straight or boyfriend jeans and flat half-boots in velvet. Pair it all with a scarf the same colour as your top and a shoulder.

Finally, don't forget your jewellery! Without putting tons of them, choose them carefully so that they best match your outfit.


"The beauty of a woman grows with the passing years." - Audrey Hepburn


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