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Looks to Inspire You This Christmas

As the Christmas season approaches, one question remains: what outfit to wear for Christmas Day? Between sparkling dresses and chic but comfortable evening outfits, here are some inspirational looks for the holiday season.

Several avenues are emerging to answer this question; first, there are the followers of comfortable looks. Second, those who like to dress chic but are comfortable. Finally, some come out of the big game, sequins, feathers & rhinestones. All daring is allowed.

Which Look to Choose?

To find the perfect outfit, you can start by digging into current trends. The exposed lingerie, the masculine trouser suit, the baby doll dress, the coordinated ensemble, and the sequin pants are all avenues that deserve to be explored.

We can also bet on safe values, which we emerge each winter season without risking making a mistake. In this category, we inevitably think of the little black dress, whatever the cut; mini, midi or maxi, or its style, wallet, bustier, or slip dress effect. Other potential candidates: the blazer dress, the ruffled skirt, or the well-cut white shirt.

Those who do not want to invest in a new outfit this season can twist their daily fashion essentials with some festive accessories. High waisted pants, for example, will be worn with a pretty blouse and a pair of heeled sandals. The classic black skirt can be upgraded with an oversized blazer jacket and fancy tights.

Inspirational looks

Make way for inspiration with the street looks of the most influential fashionistas of the moment. On the program: total black look and fancy tights, an asymmetrical white dress and sandals, a blazer with shoulder pads and metallic babies, among others.

Those who love evening trousers will be served with a variety of looks made up of high-waisted, baggy, colourful, satiny models ... All complemented by festive tops and trendy winter shoes.

Are you looking for ideas for this season’s outfits? Browse our selection. We promise you a nice dose of fashion inspiration to shine brightly.


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