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Make a Good Impression: Don't Neglect Your Dress Appearance!

The way we dress has an influence on our mood, our psychological state. It also determines feelings of well-being, self-assurance or, on the contrary, unease. This is why our clothing choices are important and should not be overlooked.

Did you know that, statistically, about 75% to 80% of the attention you pay to others and how you think about them are based on their appearance and style of dress?

Clothes as a symbol of our personality?

The way we dress reflects who we are but also how we want to appear. If you're invited to a formal party, there's a good chance you'll do whatever it takes to have the perfect outfit, one that will give off a flawless image of yourself. If you are a bridesmaid at a wedding, you will also pay attention to your outfit to contribute on the one hand to the pride and happiness of the newlyweds and on the other hand so that you can be considered a woman. Elegant and respectable.

Clothes to help our needs

Clothing has several functions. Sexy and glamorous dresses, for example, can help us to seduce. Other clothing is used to conceal the body, such as religious clothing.

Finally, some are useful for reshaping the silhouette to create harmony. This is the case of corsets which were formerly used to bend the waist to the extreme, but it is also the case of shoulder pads which widen the middle part or even so-called push-up bras which have the effect of tightening the chest, to bring more volume and glamour to the neckline. The choice of our clothes, our personal style, speak about us, sometimes without our knowing it. You don't choose your clothes by chance. We do not opt for a casual style, a sporty look or a chic and elegant outfit by chance. We do not choose to wear outfits always close to the body or, on the contrary, very loose for nothing.

Even if you don't make your clothes and looks a priority, you need to be aware that your outfit plays an important role. For example, it can be used as an ostentatious sign of wealth, success ... It can also reflect, without being necessarily aware of it, more or less negative values. You must be able to become aware of your image and the opinion that your interlocutors have about your appearance. This way you can make some adjustments to your personal dress style if needed.


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