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Make a Memorable Valentine’s Day!

Valentine's Day is an important, day. So, whatever you have planned to do, make sure it is memorable. You don't have to spend a fortune or craft something very complicated. What matters? Make your special someone understand that they are special and that this day spent with them is essential. You have no idea? Here are a few examples of what you could cook up to show your love.

Replay your first date

In your big top hat of the best ideas to exploit for Valentine's Day, you should include this “keepsake” sequence. If there's a day when you've probably been on top of romance, it's probably on your first date, right? It is certainly the day when you made the most efforts of seduction, to show yourself attentive, etc. So why not take a leap in the past and make sure to relive this moment to remind them how much you love them. important and charming? Remember the program of the time and try to replay the events one after the other.

Let the bodies express themselves

Don't get me wrong, it's not about letting yourself express yourself horizontally. If all goes well, chances are it will end that way anyway. Before that, you may want to boost your heart rates a bit by doing physical activity together. Why not consider a long stroll together in the park. The idea is to do a little activity together to stimulate endorphins, which is sure to put you both in a good mood ...

Offer each other a massage

No one in the world could refuse a real massage on Valentine's Day. You have the choice: either book a full body massage at a spa (if permitted) or create this moment of relaxation for both of you at home. Nothing like a real Zen moment before fully savouring a romantic Valentine's evening.

Draw a path of petals

Classic but still effective, why not make a path of rose petals. To complete this moment, plan a large and pretty basket filled with petals and when your sweetheart opens the front door, show them the way to the dining table by guiding them steps with a few petals thrown at their feet. Do not forget to put a good vintage on the table. When the time comes to leave the table, you will pick up your basket of petals to accompany your other half to a good, warm and relaxing bath or a bedroom that you will have specially decorated for the occasion. Don't be afraid to leave a box of heart-shaped chocolates and a pretty, soft cuddly toy ... Valentine's Day is the only day you will be forgiven for everything including your cheesy side;)

Book a room (for those not in lockdown)

A good way to fully enjoy Valentine's Day is to step outside of your usual surroundings. Booking a room in a hotel is nothing complicated and in addition to offering yourself a new decor and a pleasant little boost in your love life, you will enjoy instant relaxation. No one will be responsible for washing the dishes, the bed ... Ideal for fully enjoying your partner and the present moment.

Become a homebody

If, unlike the previous idea, you tend to live on the clock, be on the move all the time, etc. Why not spend this Valentine's Day doing nothing. After all, leaving home for Valentine's Day doesn't have to be. Just imagine being in the comforter all day with your sweetheart without a break. Do nothing, right? Turn off your phones, don’t open the door if someone rings the bell, and enjoy each other. In the program? Relaxation, caress, romantic comedy and sweets… in bed!


Happy Valentine’s! 😍 💕


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