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Mid-Season Jackets That Already Make Us Want to Be in The Spring.

At each mid-season, the same question comes up over and over again: how to dress so that you are neither too hot nor too cold? Especially since in the UK, you never really know what weather to expect. Here's a small practical guide and some inspirations to choose your mid-season jacket.

The arrival of spring announces some morning headaches for how to cover yourself. This period of alternating hot, cold, rain, hail (or even snow sometimes) and good weather is a real headache. To be sure you are covered enough in the morning and in the evening without being too hot during the day, an essential piece is essential: the mid-season jacket. Windbreaker, bomber jacket, waxed coat, parka… Which one to turn to and where to find it?

How to Choose Your Mid-Season Jacket?

Before considering the right one, the cut or even the colour of your new mid-season jacket, it is important to know that it will have to meet two essential criteria’s: to be both practical and comfortable. Indeed, the UK weather has many surprises in store for us, especially in March and April. You may leave for work in the bright sunshine in the early hours of the morning and end up in hail in the afternoon.

So, opt for a material that will protect you from the weather while being breathable enough not to make you sweat in the sun. Denim is the ultimate comfortable and insulating material. But tweed, cotton and linen are also good options.

Also think about the fact that, even if it is advisable not to uncover a thread in April, you may be too hot and find yourself having to wear your jacket in your hand. So, turn to a jacket that will not clutter you too much and that will be easy to put on and take off at any time. Avoid jackets that can be removed from the top.

Trends in Spring 2020

Each season arrives with its share of novelties. Here are the jackets that will hit the headlines this spring:

The Classic Trench

This season, the classic trench remains in vogue in neutral or coloured tones, in a short or long version, in a light windbreaker or in shiny… It is available endlessly to satisfy all desires.


The faux leather returns to the front of the stage: from the jacket to the overshirt passing by the pants, the skirt or the boots ... this material will dress us from head to toe this season. Its colourful version is not to be excluded, on the contrary! Do not hesitate to dare in various colours.

The Oversize Blazer

The oversize blazer will also rain and shine this mid-season, opt for a woollen one if you are afraid of being cold.


The overshirt is the trend of the moment: it can be worn with a floral dress or skirt and heeled boots as well as with vintage jeans and sneakers. Practical, light and available in a number of styles and colours, it is perfect for mid-season. For cooler days, combine it with a warm sweater or scarf. The only catch: it will not be very useful in case of rain.

The Denim

Finally, denim remains one of the essential materials for mid-season. This year dare the total denim look: layer several pieces of jeans in the same shade for a guaranteed vintage effect.


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