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Morpho Fashion: Choose Your Jacket Well

Blazer, short or fitted cut? Our tips and tricks to find the model you need according to your silhouette and style.

If you are rather small...

If you are between 1.55 m and 1.65 m tall, bet on short-cut sashes, which fall on the hips to mark your waist. Longer models could compact the silhouette.

If, as a bonus, you are thin, short models allow you to highlight your shapes, without hiding your buttocks or thighs. Dare all shapes: fitted, wide, round neck or three-quarter sleeves, it all depends on the style you want to adopt.

If you have generous shapes, prefer a slightly flared model at the bottom to highlight your chest and mark your size for greater femininity. The slightly wider effect at the bottom allows you to discreetly hide the more marked hips.

If you are rather tall...

The good news is that nothing is frankly forbidden to you! From 1.70 m, your size allows you to adopt all styles... or almost. Instead, bet on long models such as blazers or pallets, which go well below your hips. The shortest jackets would have the effect of lengthening your silhouette a little more.

If you are very thin, and your arms are long enough, give a little breadth to your silhouette with a wide shape, like a boyfriend blazer with shoulder pads. Pull up the sleeves and do not hesitate to protrude a blouse or long-sleeved t-shirt underneath to break the length effect.
If you have generous shapes, long and fitted jackets are of the most beautiful effect. However, be careful to choose a model without a shoulder strap so as not to give an overly square effect to your build.

On the style side...

Now that you have found the shape that suits you, it remains to define the style of the jacket. And once again, it all depends on the effect you are looking for!

If you like rather classic outfits, bet on a velvet or wool model for autumn and winter and cotton for spring. opt for a solid colour: black, navy blue or beige are easy to match. Wear your jacket with raw blue jeans, pants, or a straight-cut skirt.

If you like more casual looks, and sportswear style, opt for a soft cotton jacket. White or speckled grey, with lapels on the sleeves, feminine boyfriend jeans, for example. To match with a nice pair of sneakers.
If you like the more rock style, leather jackets or Scottish blazers are essential. opt for an ultra-feminine model and pay attention to the details: pretty chain or golden buttons. To match with a sober outfit: pants and a black top and a pair of boots.

Beware of fashion missteps...

For a jacket to highlight your outfit, avoid taste mistakes.
Forget the large, patterned jacket (flower type) if you have shapes: the patterns tend to magnify the silhouette, while the solid colours refine.

Never wear a patterned top, pants, or skirt if the jacket itself wears patterns.

For a guaranteed chic effect, avoid brightly coloured jackets: there is little chance that fuchsia pink or green will highlight your complexion.

Finally, do not mix styles: avoid the leather jacket if you are rather classic or conversely the corduroy jacket if you rather rock.

And always: find our silhouette guide and all our morpho fashion tips to find the clothes that suit you.


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