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Morphology, Complexion, Eyes and Hair: What Colours of Clothing for Me?

It's hard not to be wrong. To know everything about the shades to adopt depending on your complexion, the colour of your hair or eyes, or even your morphology, follow the guide!

Choosing the right colour for your clothes is very important! Because, beyond the latest fashion trends and personal tastes, a colour poorly adapted to your complexion, your hair or simply your silhouette can quickly lead to disaster. And yes, some colours mask defects and fatigue traits, but others, on the contrary, highlight imperfections.

Differentiate warm colours from cold colours
First, it is important to know how to recognize the warm tones of cold tones, to properly associate them with your skin. To make a difference, it's very simple. Just determine the degree of yellow or blue contained in the colour. If the colour tends to be yellow, then it is a warm colour. If it tends towards blue, it is a cold colour. Easy, isn't it?

Carnation, eye hair: how to adopt the right colours?
Profile 1: you have rather light hair, from blond to dark blond through light brown. Your complexion is golden in summer and rather beige/yellow in winter. Your eyes are blue, green, or brown.
Your colours: warm tones are your best allies - brown, beige, gold, yellow, anise green, turquoise, orange, pastel blue & lilac.
The colour to banish: Klein blue.

Profile 2: you have blond hair. Your skin is very clear, even milky. Your eyes are blue or green.
Your colours: all cold colours, such as raspberry, plum, bluish red, dark purple, water green, grey or off-white.
The colour to banish: orange.

Profile 3: you have brown or red hair and pale skin. Your eyes are brown or green.
Your colours: all the warm shades, from Klein blue to orange, through rust, caramel, salmon, khaki, duck blue, bronze, black or emerald, and green.
The colours to banish: navy blue and pink.

Profile 4: you have dark, brown, or brown hair. Your skin is very pale or, on the contrary, very dull. Your eyes are black, grey, blue, or green.
Your colours: for you, everything is allowed (or almost), warm tones as well as cold tones. You have brown, peach, fuchsia pink, light or dark colours, red, bright yellow and royal blue.
The colours banish: the bland colours.

How to combine colours according to their morphology?
Morphology in A
You are lucky, you can easily wear all the colours. By mixing them, you will be able to create volume at your bust and chest. For the bottom, opt for dark colours and avoid white, which tends to amplify volumes.

V-shaped morphology
At the top, dark colours and monochrome tops are your best allies. At the bottom, bright and mixed colours are in the form of prints.

Morphology in X
Use the colours sparingly and with small touches. From time to time up, from time to time down, but especially not all at once.

Morphology in H
The right idea? Bright colours at the bottom create feminine shapes and volumes.

Morphology in I
It's simple, all the colours suit you. You can dare everything, even white.

Oval morphology or O
Only one rule: avoid mixing too many different bright colours.
Colours: the right trick

Never forget no more than three colours per outfit. If you want to put more, play the subtlety by having fun with the cameos. For example, blue has many shades: denim blue, navy blue, electric blue, and sky blue...


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