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My Fashion Inspirations for This Autumn

Autumn is my favourite season and yet... I admit that I am happy to find my favourite pieces of the AKA wardrobe jackets and coats, and especially blazers. And yes, that's what's weird... I don't like cold seasons, but strangely autumn-winter fashion remains my favourite! I love wearing several layers of clothes, being warm in beautiful cosy materials like wool and cashmere, wrapping myself in a big down jacket or a beautiful well-structured coat... In short, do not look, I am full of contradictions but who is not in reality?

My fashion inspirations for autumn 2022 are even simpler than usual.
More than ever, it's time to bring out your favourite basics of the season to gently accompany you towards winter and fill your autumn with good positive vibes!

Jackets and coats
Autumn is a season marked by the return of jackets and coats. These are my favourite pieces in the wardrobe, especially the blazers for their masculine-feminine style. I refrain from collecting all the blazers that are on my way because I love them all... Plain, checked, or oversize... Blazers have the magical power to structure a silhouette. For a chic and sharp style, do not hesitate to belt your blazer.

In autumn I wear almost only pants. I prefer to wait until winter to wear skirts with tights again. I love jeans but I recently fell for palazzo pants.

On the side of the jeans, I have cravings for faded grey jeans, although it is not very trendy for a few
years ... Probably my rock side that expresses itself a little more! It is probably this very cool model of jeans spotted and other stories that made me see grey jeans differently!
I also really want to wear my white jeans and beige jeans which are bright on bad weather days, although messier.

Sweaters and shirts
I have two favourite combinations of tops in autumn: a shirt + blazer or simply a small thin sweater in merino wool that is self-sufficient. I prefer to wait a little longer to take out the cashmere sweaters or the big winter sweaters!

When it's cold I slip a thin tank top or a technical T-shirt under my blouses, which act as a second skin and keep warm without making you sweat. On the shirt side, I am not very original: I wear and report my favourite basics, the white shirt, the denim shirt, and the silk blouse.

What would autumn be without... boots! And yes, sandals are over, back to boots in all their forms.

My colour or print inspirations
I like basics and neutral colours like grey, beige, navy and black... However, I have a passion for animal prints such as leopard or python in small touches.

On the colour side, I like to add a touch of red to my wardrobe when it starts to get cold. Red brings an undeniable touch of light to the neutral colours of my dressing room.


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